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Sendai Windows (Japanese:センダイ ウィンドウズ) is an operating system developed by Toshiba in Japan. It is one of the most widely used operating systems in the world.


Sendai Windows was first created back in 1980 by Sanae Takaichi. It didn't become popular until around 1983. By 1985, Sendai begun to release its OS to the world.

List of Versions

  • Windows 1.0 (1980)
  • Windows 2.0 (1982)
  • Windows 3.0 (1984)
  • Windows 4.0 (1985)
  • Windows 87 (1987)
  • Windows 94 (1994)
  • Windows 97 (1997)
  • Windows ME (2000)
  • Windows TI (2001)
  • Windows 9 (2007)
  • Windows 10 (2009)
  • Windows 11 (2012)
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