Galaxy Kolorosia
Planetary System {{{Planetary sytem}}}
Suns 1:Hefestus
Moons 4
Rotation period 24 standard hours
Diameter 12,500 km
Primary terrain Urban cityscape
Atmosphere Breathable
Native species Humans
Immigrated species Krash-vaka, Zakhara, others
Government Democratic republic
Language English
Population 1 trillion
*80% Humans
*20% others
Capital Galactica
Affiliation Intergalactic Republic
“The entire planet is one enormous city”
~ Sara Sacrala
Sendac , formerly and still commonly known as Centurion is the capital of the Intergalactic Republic and one of the home worlds of Humans. It is completely covered by its capital, Galactica, an ecumenopolis. Sendac is a sector itself, the only planet in the nation which has this status.

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