Imperial Senate
Coat of arms or logo.
Type Upper House of the Parliament of Brazil
President of the Senate Charles Joseph, Empire's Party
since 10th July 2005
Established 25th March 1732
Members 300 Deputies
Imperial Senate Political groups His Imperial Majesty Government (157)
  Empire's Party(144)

  Conservative Christian League (13)

His Imperial Majesty Most Loyal Opposition (130)
  Liberal Party (130)

Other parties (13)
  Socialist Union (3)

  Federalist Party (3)

  Independents (7)
Imperial Senate Voting system Majority vote
Imperial Senate Last election 1st July 2015
Meeting place
Palácio Monroe (funeral de Joaquim Nabuco).jpg
Coligny Palace, Vitopolis

The Imperial Senate is the upper house of the Parliament of Brazil. It is responsible for analyzing laws, approving them and also for appointing a regent, should a King, or Queen, be unable to rule. Their members are chosen by the Emperor, from a list of the three people with more votes, unlike the lower house.