Selienkov (Russ: ) is an Alaskan city located in the oblast of Lagodzhe-Luzhodiy, of which it is the capital, and is roughly in the geographic center of the Eastern Triangle, the space between Kialgory, Evgenigrad and Mikhailgrad. Along with nearby Novostroya and Lagodzhe, it is part of a metropolitan area with over a million inhabitants. As of the 2011 census, Selienkov has a population of 510,000.

Founded in 1904 by the Alaskan monk Ivan Selienkov as a monastery town for converting Sioux Indians to Alaskan Orthodoxy, it grew into a major trading outpost and expanded during the postwar Alaskan industrial boom, especially due to natural resources and agriculture in the area. In the 1970's, cheap credit led an eager local government in the Lagodzhe-Luzhodiy oblast to make Selienkov the oblast's new capital, and they founded a university there and promised low taxes for industries. In the 1990's, Selienkov went through a second growth spurt, this time aided by technology research and major agribusiness conglomerates setting up factories and livestock operations.

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