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Selenism (/səˈliːnɪsəm/) is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of the goddess Selene, ruler of Luna, who serves as the focal point of the religion.  It is the fifth most common religion in the world with a large concentration of Selenic followers in the middle east and Mediterranean region.  Modern Selenics believe that the creator God gave birth to Selene to watch over his creations on earth from the ‘clouds of Luna’ believed to be the holy land beyond Earth, 

Selenic theology is categorised by chapters, marking the life of the Daughter of God from her tasks on Earth to her spiritual ascendance to Luna. The holy book, ‘The Chapters of Selene’ was first compiled in the 2nd Century B.C.E. by Grecian philosophers and the practice of the faith exploded when the Romans determined Selenism the state religion. 

After the rise of Christianity and the partition of the Roman empire, Selenism was almost eradicated in the Western Roman Empire but still thrived in the Byzantine empire.  Selenism took a second blow during the spread of Islam and was almost completely extinct by the time the ottomans came to power. In modern times Selenism is the fifth leading religion in the world with a handful of states considering it the state religion, but hardly as influential as it once was during antiquity. 

There are three main branches of Selenism in the world that had slight differences that overtime have developed into distinct sects and creeds. The Oldest branch known as Classical Selenism is mostly practiced in the south-eastern Mediterranean and Balkan states and is closest to the earliest practice of Selenism. Second is the Northern Selenism which is prominent in Germanic states and involves more roman influences than classical Selenism. The third and Most Common is Islamic Selenism and is considered an endangered religion. Considered a ‘hybrid religion’ of sorts, it is mostly found in North Africa, the Middle East and the Western Mediterranean and features much more Islamic influences than Classical Selenism. 


Within Classical Selenism there was a belief that the daughter of God, Selene, had descended from Luna a young woman to Earth to face trials of faith that would spiritually enlighten her. Most Classical forms agree on the trials; Devotion, Charity, Diligence, Prayer, Pilgrimage however slight details of the trials are different due to the regional differences of Selenism. 

The Chapters of Selenism

I - Devotion

II - Charity

III - Struggle

IV - Prayer

V - Pilgrimage

Other Divergences




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