Previous Operation Sealion is Go (CYOAH)

The Nazi's attack every air base they can reach, and the unexpecting British put up little fight. Soon dozens of air fields/bases have fallen, and the Germans use every aircraft therein to attack British cities. It is not long before more German troops are ferried across into German held South Britain, and they slowly push north. More and more Allied troops are sent to combat the menace, and eventually they are stopped. Not before, however, London is taken seemingly overnight, and over half of the British Government is killed. Though the remainder of the British Government relocated to North-Central England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and the rest of the British Empire begin to declare independence. Canada and Australia join the Allies, all of Ireland joins the Axis powers, the rest remain neutral. Attacking from Ireland, the Axis gains more ground in Eastern Britain, leaving the Allies to occupy Britain, or evacuate the area. Some of the citizens evacuate, but most remain to fight off the invading Nazi's, including a large portion of the government. The United States then declares war on Germany, and President Roosevelt appoints Dwight Eisenhower as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, and sends out a draft for one hundred forty five thousand troops. By the month's end, the quota is met.

What does Eisenhower do with these troops?

Send them to Iceland

Send them to North Africa

Send them to the Pacific

Jazon Naparleon 19:04, July 29, 2010 (UTC)

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