Timeline: Unknown Landmass (Map Game)
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The Seimburk are a loose confederation of Hurtshu (villages on lakes, built on artificial islands). They live on the islands on the mouth of the Eulum (life) river, on the east coast of the west continent.


The Seimburk speak a jargon, made out of the languages of the other tribes in the region.It has no name, but is similar to the Chinook Jargon of the Chinook Native Americans of Southern Washington, and Northwest Oregon.


The Seimburk believe in Elum, the life spirit, which has a male (Junga), and female (Jungui) half, who make the Elum River go, and therefore provide life for the Seimburk.


The Seimburk are similar to many of the water/river based Native Americans.

They mainly fish, and use bark to dusguise themselves while hunting larger water based animals. They live on Hurtshu artificial islands, from primordial times, made out of reeds that are regularly tended to. The Seimburk believe when a Hurtshu falls, they are lost for eternity, and commit mass suicide. They use bows for hunting, and they have only encountered traders and small tribes, so war is a new thing for them. Rafts are a tradition, and their Hurtshu were origonally rafts, used to escape the main islands, when climate change forced them away.

The Seimburk are overall nice people, however they are gender-based (although the genders are equal), and, like the OTL Chinese, they believe that they live in the center of the world, and are all that matters. They are mildly racist, and are going through a period of transition, learning that there is life outside the islands, and the Elum, as they believed that that was an inhospitable desert before.


About 10,000 BC: The Seimburk migrate away from the main islands in the mouth, as climate change turns them into swamp.

7000 BC: First contact is made with a small trade boat from a nearby village on the mainland.

6500 BC: The Seimburk become a trading power, and due to the influx of ideas from other tribes, blossom.

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