Seiga Rokkaku (六角 青娥, Rokkaku Seiga) is the main (fictional) character of the Imperishable Series by Kazutomi Takayama (高山 雄富 Takayama Kazutomi).

General Information

Seiga, is a "wicked" hermit, has her origins from Ancient China. Born during the Qin Dynasty, she mainly resided in the mountain side throughout most of her life. By 613 she decided to immigrate to Japan. During the first part of her life in Japan, she had trouble dealing with the Mononobe and the Soga clans, so she decided to move to Northern Japan.

By 1600, she heard reports of an suspicious invasion in Ming China, so she travelled back. Once back, she noticed that there had been a Jiang Shi invasion. She then went to fight against the Jiang Shi, and by 1605 she managed to defeat them all. Since then she became a Jiang Shi hunter.

Her abilities are going through walls and can create and control light orbs. She also specialises in Danmaku; and is also a Taoist.


Imperishable Night

The first manga in the series takes place in the Ming Dynasty during the 1600s. Here, Seiga Rokkaku travels back to China for a visit, and arrives in Shanghai. Once there she notices something strange about the area and begins to investigate. Soon she goes outside of the city and manages to find a huge group of Jiang Shi heading towards Shanghai. She manages to defeat the Jiang Shi after a few battles and following this, she begins to wage a war against the invading Jiang Shi. By the end of the manga she manages to save the Ming Dynasty.

Imperishable Dawn

The second manga in the series, it takes place during the Qing Dynasty in the 1900s. Here, Seiga Rokkaku goes back to China for a second time to investigate suspicious reports happening around Guangzhou. Later, she runs into Yoshika Miyako, a powerful Jiang Shi. Seiga then begins to fight against Yoshika which lasted for quite a while. After Yoshika's defeat, Seiga decided to have Yoshika become a subordinate. Seiga then proceeded to put an ofuda on Yoshika's forehead, which would make Yoshika obey Seiga.

Imperishable Dusk

The third and last manga of the series. It takes place during the 1950s and is set in Japan. Here, Seiga Rokkaku, along with Yoshika Miyako, goes on to hunt down some more Jiang Shi around Shizuoka Prefecture. Upon defeating on the last of the Jiang Shi in Fujinomiya, both Seiga and Yoshika both discover a secret area around Mt. Fuji. They see where it leads and both are suddenly transported upon a different world. The manga ends just when Seiga and Yoshika decide upon exploring the strange new world.



The film takes place in the strange new world that Seiga and Yoshika were transported to. Here, Seiga Rokkaku manages to meet a Shrine Maiden named Reimu Hakurei, and Reimu tells them that they have landed in the land of Gensokyo. Reimu invites Seiga and Yoshika over for tea and offers them a place to stay. During tea time, Seiga tells Reimu of her adventures of hunting down Jiang Shi. The next day, Reimu hears about a new incident: some powerful Jiang Shi have managed to cross into Gensokyo. Hearing this, Seiga, Yoshika, and Reimu begins to investigate and also hunts down the Jiang Shi. A while later Seiga, Yoshika and Reimu manages to defeat the invasion and Reimu repairs the border. A day later Reimu decides to go to the Outside World with Seiga to investigate further. Soon the three make their way into Kobe and eventually runs into an abandoned house. They go inside and manages to find Shimazu Masayasu, the leader of the Jiang Shis. A huge battle takes place and in the end Seiga manages to defeat and kill Shimazu. The film ends with the incident being solved along with Seiga and Yoshika residing in Gensokyo to help out Reimu.


Highly Responsive to Prayers

The first game in the Touhou series, it takes place in Gensokyo. Seiga founds out that the Rokkaku Temple has been wrecked, and she goes out on a quest to locate and punish the one responsible for the act. Upon defeating SinGyoku in Stage Five, Seiga came across a split road. She decides to go toward the Makai route for any clues. After meeting with Sariel, Seiga finds out that the culprit is not in Makai, but in an Underground World. Seiga then heads there, where she fights her way and reaches Konngara. She finds out that Konngara was the one who wrecked the shrine and proceeds to fight her. After Konngara is defeated, the game ends with Seiga having her Temple rebuilt and Yoshika arriving back from her visit with Reimu.

Story of Eastern Wonderland

The second game in the Touhou series. Seiga begins an investigation of monsters that appeared suddenly at the Rokkaku Temple. This time around, she takes three Spell Cards, and the boat borrowed from Mononobe no Futo in order to fly. She travels through the Dream World, which is between Gensokyo and Makai, in order to reach Hakumaden, which is where she meets Marisa Kirisame and Mima. Mima vanishes after being defeated by Seiga, however, the monsters and spirits around the Temple remain.

Later in the extra stage, Rika attacks once more with better technology, however she is defeated again. Shortly afterwards, Seiga returns to the Temple to find the monsters gone.

Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream

The third game in the series. Seiga Rokkaku went out on a morning bike ride and later discovered huge ruins that suddenly appeared next to the temple grounds. As the ruins are currently accepting "visitors", and on a pamphlet that had been passed out, it seems that the people in charge of the ruins would present a gift to any visitors. Seiga sees a small notice on the ruins saying that only one person would be allowed inside. In order to decide who it will be, she decides to battle the others who wish to investigate, and faces Reimu Hakurei, Mima, Marisa Kirisame, Ellen, Kotohime, Kana Anaberal, and Rikako Asakura in a big battle.

In her scenario, Seiga Rokkau manages to get into the ruins first, but almost immediately faces Chiyuri Kitashirakawa, and soon meets Yumemi as well. There, Seiga finds out that Yumemi wants to knock her out and perform all sorts of experiments on her so she could present her studies to the Academy. This goes contrary to what Seiga wanted to get out of this. Yumemi does, however, promise to grant Seiga a wish should she be defeated in combat. After Seiga defeats Yumemi, she wishes to establish a small Chinatown within Gensokyo. She gets the wish, and a small Chinatown appears close to an unnamed village (which is known as the Human Village later in the series).

Lotus Land Story

The fourth game in the series. One morning when Seiga Rokkaku is enjoying a cup of tea, a massive amount of Youkai appear and begin to destroy the Rokkaku Temple. Seiga and Yoshika attempt to defeat the invaders, though they are outnumbered by the Youkai. She decides to find the source, and Seiga brings Yoshika along and travels to the suspicious lake high in the mountains far from the temple, and sets out to investigate and stop the Youkai from destroying the temple. A few minutes later, Toyosatomimi no Miko, another powerful Taoist Hermit and friend of Seiga, senses a great energy coming from beneath the mountain lake and investigates the area.

Seiga easily defeats Orange, an ordinary Youkai, on their way to the blood-filled lake above the mountains. There she meets Kurumi, the guardian of the lake, and quickly defeats her. She then travels through the passageway that leads to Mugenkan. Outside she meets Elly, the guardian of the mansion. Upon Elly's defeat, she lets Seiga into the mansion.

Shortly upon entering the mansion, Seiga manages to dodge the attacks of the mansion's housekeepers. After defeating them, she runs into Yuuka, a powerful Youkai who wields powerful attacks. From there, the final battle begins. After a while, Yuuka finally falls and the Youkai flee away from the Rokkaku Temple. Upon Seiga's arrival back at the Temple, she meets Miko, and finds out that she helped in defeating the Youkai that attempted to destroy the temple when Seiga was away investigating.

Mystic Square

The fifth game in the series. Here, Seiga Rokkaku hears about the mass travel of demons and Youkai entering Gensokyo and goes on to find the source of the invasion. She then discovers and goes through the cave. On the other side, Seiga encounters Sara who is blocking the way to Makai. Sara is defeated and Seiga continues on the road to Makai, and defeating Louise who was in her way. Seiga then enters Makai above Kurai City, and runs into Alice Margatroid there, who uses her own living dolls to fight. After she defeats Alice, Seiga leaves the city and flies to the fortress seen in the distance. Along the way, Seiga fights and defeats Yuki and Mai who tried to stop her.

Seiga manages to enter the Pandæmonium fortress, and flies down the crystal-designed hall while battling the enemies in the way. At the end of the hall, Seiga encounters Yumeko, the maid of the fortress. Seiga then fights and defeats Yumeko, and goes into the elevator to the top floor, and meets Shinki, the goddess and creator of Makai. Shinki goes on to fight against Seiga but ends up losing. Afterwards, Shinki promises to look into and deal with the tourist issue.

A few months later, Seiga encounters Alice Margatroid again, during her travel to another part of Gensokyo. Alice challenges Seiga to a lengthy battle. Despite having the large grimoire that granted her more power, Alice ends up defeated a second time and surrenders.

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