Second World War
DateMarch 6th 1938 - may 10th 1943
ResultAllied victory
Allied Powers: United States of America, France, Japan, Iran, Chile, Brazil Axis Powers: Greater German Reich, Great Britain, Kingdom of Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Argentina
Allies: (At Peak mobilisation)

9,400,000 men,
20260 tanks,
130,000 aircraft

Axis:(At Peak Mobilisation)
4,500,000 men,
26000 tanks,
90,000 aircraft
41,112,101 killed,

2,477,262 wounded
13,122 missing


20,113,126 killed,
6,100,383 wounded,
49,821 missing

The Second World War was the bloodiest conflict in history so far, with the combat being worldwide unlike the previous world war. This war was divided into several fronts:

The Atlantic front (Hitler is an American---Version 1)

The Middle eastern front (Hitler is an American)

The North American front (Hitler is an American)

The European front (Hitler is an American)

The Pacific Front

The South American Front (Hitler is an American)

Nuclear weapons(Hitler is an American---Version 1)

Treaty of Munich



March 6, 1938 The USA, France, Iran and Japan declare war on Germany, Britain, Holland and Italy. The Second World War begins

November 11, 1938 The British army invade the USA through Canadain Operation Burgoyne. Hitler and his family alongside his cabinet are moved to an undisclosed location. The American troops at the border are desisively defeated by Blitzkrieg tactics.


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