1934. In Germany, Hitler comes to power and creates a fascist regime, while Greece undergoes huge reforms, with the aim to conquer Russia. The militaries of all European and American nations have grown, so there is another military complication. Firstly, SMK people are striving for freedom, as well as Bulgarians and Austrian-Hungarians. France and Italy want to get back the territories that they lost in the First World War and get payback for their blood-letting.

Situation on map


North America is the theater of the old conflict between the Indian Confederation and the United Balt States of America (green; also in South America). The Bulgarian population has been absorbed by Russification and Hellenization process in Russia and Greece. Austria-Hungary strives for their own government and some independent options. South Mongol Khanate people in almost the entire world strive for freedom and a once again united Mongol Khanate. All over the Russian Caucasus region, Turkish Central Asian region and the North Mongol Empire occur acts of terror, sabotage, assaults and strikes by South Mongolian partisans. The Middle East is the theater of the old conflict between Arabian and Egyptian people. These nations had a peace lasting 100 years, which is going to end in the following years.

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