Treaty of Versailles Signing, Hall of Mirrors

The second treaty of Versailles marked the end of WW2 and would eventually follow with WW3

The Second Treaty of Versailles was a treaty which ended WW2. The treaty was first negotiated on the 9th April 1941 and was signed on the 19th April 1941, in Versailles and signaled the end of WW2 in Communist victory. It replicated WW1 treaty and was designed not to make the same mistakes that they did in WW1. Of course, this peace won't last for long as WW3 would start in December.

The articles

  1. Communism will fall all over Europe accept from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Switzerland and Hungary.
  2. King George VI of the British empire will be proclaimed king George the VI of Canada.
  3. Britain will become part of the German empire.
  4. Northern Ireland will become part of Ireland.
  5. All the African territories that is owned by the conquered countries will be incorporated into the German Empire.
  6. India will become part of the Soviet Union.
  7. Australia and New Zealand will become part of Germany.
  8. Any of French, British, Italian and Dutch Caribbean territories will go to the German Empire and the Soviet Union.
  9. All French African territories will go to Germany.
  10. All Italian African territories will go to Germany.
  11. The Middle East will be split into Germany and the Soviet Union.
  12. Northern Norway will be incorporated into Germany.
  13. The Baltic states will go incorporated into the Soviet Union.
  14. The United Nations will be formed with every country in the world in it.
  15. Finland will be incorporated into the Soviet Union.
  16. All British politicians will be put on trial by the UN for war crimes.
  17. All French politicians will be put on trial for war crimes.

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