The Second Treaty of Rostock was a document which ended the hostilities between Hamburg and the opposing coalition.


Hamburgian Proposal

  1. Hostilities will end immediately.
  2. Ostland will be ceded to Romania, and Hamburg will be willing to sell Romania naval knowledge.
  3. Lübeck is to be returned to Hamburg.
  4. Bavarias port on the North Sea will be annexed to the Duchy of Stade.
  5. Hesse recognizes Hamburgs overlordship over Münster.
  6. Pomerania and Altmark will be ceded to Hamburg.
  7. Scandinavia, Bavaria, Romania, and Hamburg agree to a 20 year NAP.
  8. No NAP is wanted from Hesse.

Bavarian Proposal

Scandinavian Proposal

Hessian (Westphalian) Proposal

Romanian Proposal

Final Terms (TBD)


Crim, I know you are going to challenge this, but keep in mind: 1. You do not count infrastructure in offensive algos, 2. Economic and military modifiers are not added after the development scores are divided, rather before so as stated by the mods, 3. You intentionally omit the -15 offensive penalty brought to our attention by Feud, 4. You rate my location as a 5 when it is a 25, as per the rules (confirmed by Feud), 5. You omit my location bonus for Lübeck, 6. The fronts are so close to each other, it's more one front than two. With that taken into account, it is 71-90 in favor of me (that's not including my bonus for Lübeck). I am that guy (talk) 00:37, July 25, 2014 (UTC)


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