After the massive loss against the Norwegian-Russian army at Halmstad and the massive loss of the Danish amy at Ronneby the Danish army was forced into negotiations.

Norwegian-Swedish-Russian Alliance Terms

  • Blekinge will be ceded to Sweden.
  • Denmark shall recognize Jonathan as legitimate heir of Norway.
  • Denmark shall cede the Hebrides to Norway to whom they rightfully belong.
  • Denmark shall make no attempts to enforce it's authority over Norway or Sweden.
  • Denmark will enter a 25 year NAP with all signatories should any one nation violate this NAP all signatories will declare war on them.
  • In exchange for all of this, Eric shall be recognized as a legitimate child and be placed in the line of succession behind any other children of the King of Norway. He shall not attempt to claim the throne except if all other children of the King of Norway die before him.
  • To further cement the stability of the Kalmar Union, Gustav Vasa shall marry Queen Emma of Denmark, and Johanna Vasa shall marry King Mikkael of Sweden. The marriage shall happen next year in Stockholm. 
  • Eric shall remain in Stockholm for an additional two years, for education.

Danish Terms:

  • Shall a foreign power invade any Kalmar Union member we all shall defend said member.
  • The Kalmar Union shall resume Kalmar King votes with the death of King Jonathan , in this cycle, Norway is not eligible to nominate King Mikkael.
  • The Kalmar Union shall increase trade with one another and help each other develop.
  • Emma shall be allowed to visit and educate Eric in Stockholm.


By the Grace of God, King Mikkael of Norway, first of his name, Protector of Iceland, the Faroes, Shetland, and Orkney - Dream Helix Fossil SpritePraise Helix (Welcome my children) Tumblr n1i7boISUv1rvlenbo1 500

By the Grace of God, King Olaf of Sweden, second of his name, Protector of Gotland - Thewolvesden

By the Grace of God, Queen Emma of Denmark, first of his name, Protector of Aberdeen, Dundee, and the Hebrides- KawaiiKame

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