Second Treaty of Königsberg
Zweiter Vertrag von Königsberg
Type of treaty Peace Treaty
Königsberg, Prussia
Signatories Wilhelm II von Hamburg
 ??? of Pskov
Parties Hamburg

The Treaty of Königsberg was a document which ended the war between the states of the Holy Roman Empire and the Union of Königsberg.


2nd Treaty of Konigsberg - Hamburg Proposal

map of Hamburgs proposed peace solution

  1. All Pskovian troops will withdraw from the Kingdom of Prussia.
  2. Pskov will recognize the Kingdom of Prussia as forever free from Pskovian influence.
  3. Pskov will recognize Wilhelm von Hamburg as King of Prussia.
  4. The Memel region, a historical Prussian territory, will be ceded to the Kingdom of Prussia.
  5. Pskov will admit that the "Leibnitz Papers" are forgeries, done in an attempt to slander the Kingdom of Hamburg.
  6. The representatives elected to office in formerly-occupied Prussia will be allowed to represent those districts in the Hanoverian Parliament, provided they take an oath of loyalty to the Crown.
  7. Pskov will pay the Imperial states the equivalent of 200,000 Reichstalers, to be divided evenly among the independent states of the Empire.


Flag of ducal Hamburg PM3 V2 Hamburg: Wilhelm II von Hamburg, by the Grace of God, King of Hamburg, King of Prussia, King of Westphalia, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein, Duke of Mecklenburg, Duke of Hesse, Lord of Münster, Defender of the Realm and its People I am that guy (talk)

Flag of Pskov (Pskov oblast) Pskov: (Mod signing due to players reluctancy) His most august highness, algomaster, beloved by the people, the humble SkyGreen24 20:24, April 7, 2015 (UTC)

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