Union of Australia

Relevant territories in the continent of greater Australia

The Second Treaty of Dandiri was a proposal by the Union of Borealia to merge some of the colonies in the continent of greater Australia to form a new nation, known as the Union of Australia. It was ratified first in the city of Dandiri (OTL Brisbane)

(OOC: this is the nation that Awesome history 28 is going to play as)

Relevant TerritoriesEdit

Mandatory RegionsEdit

These territories are absolutely essential to create the Union of Australia:

  • The State of Australia, an elected state of Borealia (map region 4.)
  • The Duchy of New Mecklenburg, an independent state (map region 3.)
  • White Croatia, a colony of Croatia (map region 5.)
  • British Australia, a colony of Britannia (map region 6.)

Additional RegionsEdit

These territories may be added to the Union if their parent nation signs this treaty:

  • Luwritia (or something like that), a colony of Rome (map region 7.)
  • New Zealand, a colony of Scandinavia (map region 8.)
  • The Sultanate of Timor , an independent state (map region 2.)
  • Papua, a colony of Japan (map region 1.)

Other RegionsEdit

These territories can not enter the union unless otherwise stated:

  • New Rugia, a constituent state of Germany (map region 9.)
  • Unclaimed territory (map region 10.)

Terms of the UnionEdit

  • Sudstadt (OTL Port Hedland) is made the capital of this nation, with the governing body more or less an expansion of New Mecklenburg's
  • All of the provisions in the First Treaty of Dandiri remain in effect.
  • All the territories involved in this treaty will have no political influence from their home countries once they are part of the Union.
  • The Union will remain a joint protectorate of the signatories of this treaty, unless voluntarily withdrawn. 
  • The protected waters in the Treaty of Midway will be extended to include the waters around Australia, with the Union sharing the same benefits and responsibilities as Hawaii does in the treaty.
  • All peoples currently living within the borders of the Union are automatically made citizens, with proportional representation in government. 
  • The official languages will be Anangu and German, with Croatian remaining as the language of business. 
  • The Union will permanently retain freedom of religion, especially concerning the cohabitation of Muslims and Catholics.
  • The Commonwealth of Oceana, a territory of Borealia, will finally be given complete independence at the same time as the Union.


Somehow, I doubt that a state with mixed German, semi-German, British, Croatian, and (if accepted), Muslim, Scandinavian, and Japanese ethnicities and cultures can reasonably succeed. I am that guy (talk) 02:54, July 24, 2015 (UTC)

^^ Also, this is kind of shady that you didn't bother allowing Germany to have any say in this treaty, since we still sort of have New Mecklenburg. And second of all, New Mecklenburg was supposed to annex the State of Australia in 1940, yet this treaty doesn't seem like this will be allowed to happen, and there's still no clarification that the State of Australia will also be going free alongside New Mecklenburg.

I was Normandy in PM2. It was great. (talk) 04:07, July 24, 2015 (UTC)

Cookie, that makes zero sense as Guy clearly stated in his post that New Mecklenburg is independent. The fact that you want to prevent its independence is proof that you know it would gladly form this union if it had any say in the matter. Also, why "me and guy"? is Callum not part of Germany anymore? just asking.

For clarification, I'm basically offering to let New Mecklenburg annex all of Australia, not just my territory. The only thing that makes it "less German" is the change in name. Nathan1123 (talk) 04:14, July 24, 2015 (UTC)

Okay, I'm glad with your clarifications, will let Guy know. I was Normandy in PM2. It was great. (talk)

I would just like to add in that the reason the 'Timor Sultanate' is known by that name is because they control the island of Timor. So, include Timor in that map as well.             Roman Crown   The night is dark and full of terrors. 

So, essentially, the gist of the proposal is that Neu Mecklenburg annexes the Croatian territory, the British Territory, and the State of Australia (as well as potentially the rest of Australia), with the resulting Union maintaining Neu Mecklenburg's government system (including monarch) but having multiple official languages? Apart from the plausibility issues (it was hard enough for the entirely homogeneous British colonies of Australia to federate in 1901 OTL without the issues of language, culture, and religion), the proposal seems acceptable to me (a more official treaty will need to be written up, though). I do, however, think it proper that Germany, as a protecting power of Neu Mecklenburg (along with Borealia) until the 1940 handover of the State of Australia, should sign the treaty and act as guarantor. Also, Nate, as Oldenburg, my official interest in Australia is limited. Callumthered (talk) 07:05, July 24, 2015 (UTC)


Mandetory regions:

Additional regions:

  • Rome - 
  • UNR - 
  • Timor (mod sig) - 
  • Japan -