The Treaty of Boguslaw was signed in 1412 by the representatives of Pomerania and Denmark, putting an end to the war of Pomeranian Succession War in which Eric of Pomerania, King of Denmark had the Pomeranian throne claimed for him. The War for the first four years became a war of attrition as Swantibor III, then-Duke of Pomerania, proved a excelent commander and defeated a coalition consisted of the whole Kalmar Union and the Teutonic Knights, that invaded his homeland. His son Archduke of Pomerania then seeked vengeance, during the Kalmar Union break-up wars, which he supported Norway, but alas they agreed to end hostilities with Denmark with the following terms.

This is the peace treaty to end the Second Pomeranian-Danish War.

Danish Terms

  • Denmark apoligizes deeply for the invasion of Pomerania
  • Denmark shall transfer its vassal Holstein to the Archduchy of Pomerania and Holstein shall be a Pomeranian Vassal
  • Denmark shall cede Bornholm island to the Archduchy of Pomerania
  • The Kingdom of Denmark shall help the Archduchy of Pomerania building-up its fleet and with its naval expansion.
  • In return, the Arch-duchy of Pomerania shall cease invading the Kingdom of Denmark and instead help Denmark against the Norgewian rebels.

Pomeranian Revision of 1413

  • After further negotiation Denmark shall transfer its vassal Schleswig to the Archduchy of Pomerania.


Eric "The Møøse" of Pomerania, the Defender of the Faith, King of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, and all of the Kalmar Union -KawaiiKame

Otto II of Stettin, Unificator and Archduke of Pomerania: ~ Palaiologos-Dynasty-Eagle Ungern von Sternberg A man's GREATEST joy is crushing his enemies Flag of the Northern Yuan

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