• Socialist Switzerland's government will be disbanded. Alpine Confederation's government will be disbanded in Switzerland. Lyon and the IC (or CC), will reform the government and install a government that supported the liberation of Switzerland. Thus Switzerland's people and government will be under influence of Lyon and the IC (thus under extremely heavy influence and vassalization of Lyon). This nation will be known as The Liberated Confederacy of Switzerland (also known as the Liberated Swiss Confederacy)
    • The Swiss Confederacy is the Oldest Democracy in the NOTLAH universe. Please make them stay alive.
    • Octivian...they are still alive, just renamed ... just like you renamed them the Alpine Confederation, I will edit there name though to make you slightly more happy G greg e (talk).
  • Switzerland will be admitted to the Iberian Community, renamed the Celtiberian Community. 
  • The Liberated Republic of the Kingdom of Lyon will be known as the Liberated Republic of the Kingdom of Arles. 
  • Geneva will be given three options.
    1. Join the Arles
    2. Become an independent micronation of Geneva (similar to OTL Andorra and Monaco) - also a vassal of Lyon
    3. Join the Swiss nation formed as a result of this treaty.
  • Cuba is known to be tied to both former Swiss regimes. We advise Cuba to come to their own treaty, or risk invasion by the UR and IC. 
  • The Alpine Confederation will have its remains in Genoa, Lombardy, becoming a micronation within Lombardy. The Alpine Confederation's navy and military will be under watch of the IC (CC). 
  • Russia will be given the opportunity to build a small military base (max 100k soldiers and only appropriate equipment, with no armed planes) at Schules as thanks for their assistance in this battle. 
  • Switzerland will return the money "stolen" during the war from the banks.
  • Switzerland will pay reparation to  Lyon (Arles), the IC (CC), and the Russian Federation for war damages.

Can this treaty just be by the Socialist and the Allies because I am out of this war.

  • The Alpine Confederation is in exile and has no land ... if they sign this treaty, they will be allowed to remain in Genoa, Lombardy, creating a micronation on the shore, although a name change might be in order. G greg e (talk)
  • We held the land in the province of Linugria the whole time.
  • No you didn't. That portion of your turn got crossed out, and its implausbile to influence a region in three years, try more like 25 or so. However, your government (alpine confederation) did flee to Genoa, which was not crossed out. G greg e (talk)


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