8th April, 1912:

Russia and Germany sign a "Treaty of Territorial Sanctity", promising that in event of war, that they will render sovereign territory inviolate to warfare.

Early War

28th June, 1914:

Gavrillo Princip shoots Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, sparking war between Austro-Hungary and Serbia. The Russian Empire intervenes on Serbia's behalf, followed by Germany on behalf of Austria. Germany invades France under the Schlieffen Plan through Neutral Belgium. The UK joins the growing war.

Due to the Treaty of Territorial Sanctity, the Eastern Front remains centred in the Balkans, fought between Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman Turkic and a few German Army groups against the Russian and Serbian Army, and local resistance units. This allows the majority of German and a handful of Austro-Hungarian troops to be deployed in the Western European Theatre.

Battle of the Jutland

1916- The German Navy assigns all available seapower to attempt to destroy the British Fleets. At the battle of the Jutland, the majority of the British fleet is sunk. Although German losses were equally heavy, British morale is crushed, and the blockade on Germany fails.


The US remains neutral, but begins to ship weapons to the Entente, mainly the M1911 handgun for Trench Raiders. The US Department of Defence also accelerates the design of the Thompson Submachine Gun.

The fighting in the Balkans continues, with the bulk of Austro-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire's resources. The war in the Near/Middle East winds down to a large collection of skirmishes, fought between the Turks and British Colonial forces- mostly local, South African and Indian troops.

The German Army beging to build large numbers of A7V Tanks, and arm one out of every five men with the MP 18 Machine

In August of 1918, the German Army launched a massive offensive, aiming to capture Paris. The Canadian Corps is forced to fight a delaying action against severe five-to-one odds, supported only by a small force of British Mark I tanks and a few rag-tag French Militia. The German Army The Canadian Corps is wiped out almost to a man, but deliver four-to-one casualty rates, and give the Entente powers time to prepare the defence of Paris. The fighting bogs down to Trench Warfare again.


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