The Second Texan-Mexican War was a war between 1855 to 1858. The reason for war was Texas wanted California and a route to the Pacific. The War was an outstanding success for Texas, and allowed them to gain a route to the Pacific and more.

The War

In 1856, a Texan Army comprising of 15,000 troops arrive in California. American settlers there revolt against the Mexican Government, and form the Californian Republic. When Texan troops arrive later that year, many Mexicans there, attracted by the gold, began attacking all Anglo settlers. Many Californian Massacres happen, and it is estimated that 23,000 died from these conflicts. 20,000 British troops in Honduras head north and take fight off the Mexican army, helping slow any potential Mexican attacks on Texan troops in California. Down in Mexico, an army of 35,000 is raised out of militias in Southern Mexico and California. 20,000 are in Southern Mexico, and 15,000 are in California. General (insert name here) lead the troops in Southern Mexico and helped prevent the British from capturing advancing any farther into Mexico. The militias in California often were leaderless and just attacked any Anglo settlers or soldier they saw. The next year, the Californian Republic joins Texas after several militias launched a successful raid into the Capital. The Texan army adopts a policy of killing or forcing Mexicans to move out in retaliation for their attacks. Thousands of Mexicans are forced to move away and flee from their homes as the Texan army advances. The Mexican army forces out Anglo settlers living in Mexico as retaliation. In Honduras, another 20,000 troops arrive, and they break out of the defenses the Mexican army had set up. The British army approaches Mexico City, and soon begins to lay siege to it. The Mexican Government, led by (insert leader's name here), refuses to surrender, and raises enough troops from inside the city to try to defend it. The British use their cannons to fire upon the outer buildings, and soon begin destroying the city to force the MG to surrender. They refuse, and the largest battle of the war begins as 32,000 British troops rush in and attack the defending 30,000 troops, plus the 15,000 strong militia. The British army loses horribly after reinforcements came in and attacked British supply routes, however the battle helped destroy most of the Mexican army, and allowed the Texans to secure California. Casualties were estimated to be for 25,000 dead on the British side, and 33,000 on the Mexican side. After the Victory at Mexico City, the Mexican Government had some hope that they could still win the war. However, most of the army had been destroyed, and there wasn't any way to buy new weapons, because Texas had all of the Northern borders, and Britain still had the Southern borders and the seas. Many people believed the war was lost for Mexico, and thousands of people fled from the advancing Texan armies, for they feared the retaliations that Texas was willing to give. The Mexican army decided that there was only one way to win: Hold Mexico City. General (insert name here) thought that if he could gather enough ammo and supplies to last for a year, his army could cause enough casualties on the Texans and British that they would want to end the war. He began gathering up supplies for this risky plan, and put all of his remaining 12,000 men into defensive positions around the city. In the final year of the war, A large army of 40,000, being reinforced by new recruits from Texas, began marching toward Mexico City. In March, the Texan army met up with the British army. The British had an army of 45,000 troops. Texan General (insert name here) personally met with British General (INH) to discuss a plan to invade Mexico City. The High Point Plan is adopted, and the plan is this: that if the Texan/British forces can capture the Mountains around Mexico City, they can bombard the Mexican army with cannons without risking any soldiers. After a month of intense warfare, and 15,000 Texans dead and 19,000 British soldiers dead, all [1]mountains were captured. The Mexican army lost 3000 men. Soon, Mexico City was bombarded by Texan/British cannons, and after three months of bombardment, and only 300 Mexican soldiers remaining, and most of Mexico City in ruins with most of the population dead, the Mexican Government surrendered. Texas gained a large amount of land from Mexico, and reached the Pacific as well. Great Britain also gained a good amount of land. Texas soon divided its new territories into three areas that way it could slowly bring these new areas into the nation.

Aftermath of the War

A new problem arose. The Pro-Slavery forces in Texas were against the Abolition movement growing in the new territories, and demanded that Slavery would be allowed in the new territories. However, in the long run it benefited Texas thanks to all the resources it would provide. It also helped attract new immigrants to Texas because of the potential jobs available.

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