British-American War, Napoleonic Wars

Second Spanish-Louisianan War





New Spain

  • New Spain diminished to a small rump state
  • Louisiana becomes one of the largest states in the world and makes history by occupying the largest amount of territory in history

Flag of the Kingdom of Louisiana Louisiana

Flag of Cross of Burgundy New Spain


Flag of the Kingdom of Louisiana Louis I
Flag of the Kingdom of Louisiana Joseph Hugh d' Schon
Flag of the Kingdom of Louisiana Enrique Juan Abarca

Flag of Cross of Burgundy Fernando Castro
Flag of Cross of Burgundy Carlos Rendón


Flag of the Kingdom of Louisiana 230,000

Flag of Cross of Burgundy 90,000

Casualties and Losses



The Second Spanish-Louisianan War was a two year long military conflict between New Spain and Louisiana. The conflict was initiated by Louisiana after border disputes, and the nation invaded the suffering New Spain, dealing a series of devastating blows, nearly annexing the entirety of its enemy. While Louisiana openly acknowledges the evil in this attack, it is regarded by much of the world as a necessary event in the formation of the modern world order and is believed to have resulted in a nation much more beneficial than New Spain could ever have been.

The war was started by the tyrannical Louis I, who, in a fit of rage, invaded New Spain. He then enacted enormous tax hikes to pay for the war effert, followed by mandatory conscription, drafting nearly 10% of the population of the nation to fight the war. He purchased many of his weapons from the United Kingdom, giving his army weapons, increasing tensions with the United States, and helping Britain's efforts in the European War. His advanced weaponry from the United Kingdom gave his troops a large advantage in combat -- sometimes the Spanish described them as invicto, or invincible. This terminology is iconic, as the Louisianans have carried this image with them throughout the centuries.