Nations Present

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Britain
  • Chile
  • United States

The Meeting (Discussion)

US: Welcome to the Second SEATO meeting and I am very glad to be able to apply for membership to SEATO and host this conference. What would people like the first order of business to be?

Australia: SEATO is a defense pact mainly organized against the expansion of Japan. And Japan has taken territory away from the USA namely Hawaii. Is this why you wish to join SEATO, to regain territory, and we don't start wars, we let wars come to us or we strike when they look all to clear. Australia propose that we finish up the crisis about Canada and move into confronting Japan. After we finish the Canadian Crisis we shall form a strong alliance to confront Japan. But after this Crisis we can combine our nuclear efforts and once we have the bomb we can threaten war against Japan.

British Empire: As we are finalizing negotiations with the United States the British Empire believes that we are stronger when we work in cooperation against a common enemy- the Empire of Japan. Imperial Japan has violated the sovereignty of the United States for they annexed Hawaii and the Philippines. Imperial Japan is also a threat to the sovereignty of the British Empire, and we have gathered intelligence that the Japanese military has plans of expanding to the vast oil reserves of Indonesia to fuel their hungry empire. We also know of the atrocities that Japan has committed against the Chinese, murdering and raping numerous civilians. Fortunately, the Chinese are fighting back the Imperial Japanese barbarians, winning major battles against the Japanese defensively and offensively with heavy casualties on both sides. We must help China in their war against Japan, to liberate them from oppression Right now is the perfect time to strike against Japan, for they are weaker than ever before with China winning and they are only sending more forces to China. We must be swift and decisive with our attack. .

US: We do agree that the Japanese aggression is a serious concern and that Hawaii and Philippines should be reclaimed soon and so we would like to set a target for a pre-emptive strike on Japan in 1947.5 in which in a series of coordinated strikes we we will retake Hawaii, Philippines and a Japanese island to allow strategic bombing.

  • Australia: China wishes the attack be at 1947.0 not later date.
    • British Empire: Then we shall invade in 1947, and we shall prepare for war right now, thus we must make war plans. We shall invade northern Japanese occupied Indochina and southwestern Japanese occupied China via British Burma, isolating the rest of Japanese Indochina from Japanese supply lines. From there British forces will be split in two, one group linking up with Chinese forces to liberate southeastern Japanese occupied China and the second force, which invades Japanese Indochina from the north to liberate it, hopefully working with Thai forces. ANZAC forces shall invade southern Japanese Indochina via Indonesia and invade the Philippines, too, working with American forces once they arrive after liberating Hawaii. We agree with the American strategy of island hoping make an airbase after the initial stages of the war.
    • US: We agree to invading in 1947. We would argue invading Indochina is a waste of time. We need to reach the Japan mainland as a priority. Invading Indochina is a distraction you should leave a defensive force to hold Japan from Burma and take Philippines while I take Hawaii and then we can make a joint effort to seize any number of islands which long range bombers can be launched from and we can proceed to destroy Japanese cities and besiege them with submarines and force a negotiated end to the war. Plus there is the possibility of a ultra weapon being developed.
    • British Empire: We agree with this plan, we shall be defensive on the Indochinese border and offensive with the Philippines. We shall help China with the Royal Navy in the south.
    • New Zealand: The New Zealand Government proposes another front in the war against Japan: that the United States of America and Canada use the Aleutian Island Chain to bomb and invade the Northern Japanese Islands, weakening the wills of the Japanese on the home front and allowing for the Mainland Japanese Invasion to begin with the Japanese already forced to deal with the bombing of its cities and loss of resources, instead of ready to withstand a long siege which will result in costly losses to our troops and theirs. We also propose the funding of the Viet Minh, an anti-Japanese Resistance Group in the former French Indochina. The funding of the rebels will damage the Japanese from the inside of their empire, as well as being a distraction that will pull troops away from fighting our soldiers.
    • Canada: Despite how The Government of Canada feels about the Canadian Crisis, we agree that Japan needs to be stopped. We will provide 50,000 ground troops, 10,000 naval forces, and 14,000 aerial forces to help combat the Japanese and take back their stolen land. We propose a large scale naval blockade along the shores of Honshu and bombing of Japanese cities, plus a land invasion of mainland Japan after the bombing runs.