Second Russian Civil War
Part of War in post-Soviet states
Date 23 July 1995
Location Mainly Russia, other parts of the former USSR
Result Government victory
Flag of Russia (1991-1993) Russian Federation

Flag of Ukraine Ukraine

Border clashes:
Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan

Flag of Russia (1991-1993) Alliance for Peace and Democracy

Flag of the Soviet Union Communisty Party of Russia
Flag of Chechen Republic before 2004 Chechen Independence Movement

Commanders and leaders
Flag of Russia (1991-1993) Nikolai Kormiltsev

Flag of Russia (1991-1993) Viktor Chernomyrdin
Flag of Russia (1991-1993) Mikhail Barsukov

Flag of Russia (1991-1993) Alexander Rutskoy

Flag of Russia (1991-1993) Yegor Gaidar

Units involved
Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Militants, rogue elements of the armed forces, Yeltsin supporters
47,000 troops
6,000 tanks
300 aircraft
30,000 policemen
35,000 militants
14,000 protestors
70—90 hijacked vehicles
20—35 aircraft
Casualties and losses
5,783 killed, 14,421 injured

72 tanks destroyed, 31 captured
17 aircraft destroyed

13,568 killed, 19,864 injured
All vehicles destroyed or captured