Second Roman Empire
[Second] Roman Empire (Previously as Venetian-Roman Republic and Second Roman Republic)
Roman empire flag SPQR EMBLEM
Modern Roman Flag (1670-1822) SPQR
Second Roman Map
Second Rome with side with Modern Era nations (with territories that illegal control by Roman Military during final years of Empire)
Anthem ""Great Glorious Augustus""
Capital Rome (previously Venice)
Largest city Rome
Other cities Athens, Byzantium (Since 1640) (Formerly Constantinople after 1640)
Latin (Main)
  others Italian, Greek, Romo-Swiss (Minorly)
Neo-Romanism (Official State Religion)
  others Roman Catholicism and Roman Orthodoxy (Accepted Religion but secularized)

Islamic Sunni, Shia, Druze and ('Western') Buddhism and Protestantism (Allow to practice)

Ethnic Groups
  others Sicilian, Croatian, Romo-Italians, Greeks, Serbians, Romo-Turkish and Romo-Kosovan
Demonym Roman
Government Merchant Senate Republic (Begin 1451 and Until 1550)

Autocratic Senate Monarchy (Begin at 1550 and Until 1765)

Multi-Party Senate Republic (de jure in all governmental levels)
Neo-Roman Theocratic Republic (de facto in Local levels) (Since 1765)

  legislature Senate
Emperor Augustus Johnious II (1804-1822)
Population 5,000,600+ (Circa 1815) 
Established August 15, 1451 as Venice-Roman Republic

February 15, 1460 as Second Roman Republic

November 1, 1520 as Second Roman Empire

Independence from N/A
Annexation to French Empire for Northwestern parts in 1820, Germanic Nations and Austrian Empire for North and Northern Eastern parts in 1821, Internationally for colonies and Western Mainland parts for British Empire, Spanish Empire and United States in 1822, Breakaway all Provinces into Independent Nations in December 1822
  date French Empire December 7-8, 1820, Germanic Nations and Austrian Empire February 10, 1821 and March 5, 1821, Internationally for its colonies October 4-6 1822, Whole Empire in December 23, 1822
Currency Roman Augusta (until 1701), Roman Dollars (Since 1701)
 The Second Roman Empire AKA Hellenic Venetian Empire/Republic since days as Venetian-Roman Republic by some historians due of Second Roman is created from Venetian "rebellion" to believe is reviving Western Roman Empire by Under "Three" Prime Romo-Greek gods was existed 1451 to 1822, And its official successor to Venice Republic, later its semi-culturally, politically and economically successor of Byzantine Empire (aka Eastern Roman Empire) put its only thing related to Western Roman Empire is religious and indirected successor kinda due of Christianization in 380 AD and few remain Roman pagans escape from Christianized Roman Empire and after its society collapse to Africa through converted few "Animalist" tribes from Western Africa which all them formed become Holy Zeus Nation of Maillia and later South Africa or (eventually as) Kingdom of Romafrica or (the true successor to Pre-Christian and Western Roman Empire) to Roman Paganism (before it's short-live Christianized by Ethiopian Empire's Copt missionaries in circa 1300s but some successed but backfire by it by Romafrican court's ban on Christianity) since 450 until official return of all remaining pure genetically white Romafricaners in 1580 by Roman Republicans found them.

Geography in Second Roman Empire

History of Second Roman Empire

Early years as Venice-Roman Republic (1451-1460)

It was gaining is small power in 1451 due of successful coup in Venice by Old Roman Revival Organization (Mixed of Western Roman reactionaries and rebel group) due to the goal is get back of old Roman ways to faith, culture, language and traditions as Byzantines are obviously fails to revived their new Roman Empire from Ottomans are killing them to shreds, And the island nation renamed as Venice-Roman Republic under lord Jupiter and Minerva. In 1460 the nation is declared two war of Sicily and other southern Italian Kingdom for conquest to restored the mainland for the second Roman Empire and renamed Sicily as Silica as the first sign of Old Roman Ways has begun.

Years as Second Roman Republic (1453-1520)

First Deal to Byzantine Empire (1453-61)

Since their second war succeeded they now referred to the nation as the Second Roman Republic due to the Byzantine Empire having the last province away annexed by Ottomans "Empire" so they invaded the island of Crete and Rhodes to split the deal of Byzantines to keep the west and give east of the island to Byzantine Empire, order to them survived of their capital is fallen by Ottomans. So after the two more wars started they gave Crete and Rhodes to Byzantine nation, Byzantine agreed to annex Crete Island and later Rhodes in order to survive in case the Ottomans invade the capital.

Successful Conversion of Venice (1462)

So since eleven years of the island was majority Catholic, the half of the island's population is converted to Neo-Roman faith so they abandon Jesus and now served Jove AKA Jupiter and other two Lords in Neo-Roman Faith and Now begin to started Roman holidays, traditions, etc. And some resistance is sent to Italia mainland to exile against the new faith.

Second and Final Deal of Byzantine Empire (1480-1502)

Four Wars of Croatia, Serbia, Breakway Nation of Athens, Mostly invasion of Italia Northern and later Southern invasion (1502-1516)

Invasion of Holy Papal States (1516-1519)

Succesful capture of Rome (1519-1520)

Formation of Second Roman Empire (1520)

Years as Second Roman Empire (1520-1822)

Second Roman Invasion of Jerusalem (1567-1582)

[Second] "New" Roman Civil War (1798-1805)

Post-New Roman Civil War (1805-1815)

Proposal of Dissolution of Second Roman Empire (1815-1822)

Fall of Second Roman Empire and Western remains part to Annexation from French Empire (1816-1822)

Demographic of Second Roman Empire

Religion and Theology in Second Roman Empire

Religion History in Second Roman Empire

Most the Empire's revival is depends on to converted the "old" Roman religion of Romanism from several centuries, and Christianity mostly wrapped out of Southern Europe for first time since 380 AD and eventually huge mass forced conversions of Islam predominantly Middle East in 1590 to 1705 into Roman Faith with several went into hiding in deserts or send few Imams into some far away Islands in Pacific Ocean (Most of Indonesia islands were one of them), Until its final years of Empire that finally give them their former status as accepted religious culture for Catholic (With Pope regain semi-autonomous control of Catholic zone) and Orthodox (With Patriarch of Con. regaining Two Semi-Orthodox autonomous zones in Byzantium and Mount Athos) only with access of both groups holy sites with some political controls.

While Minority Religions in Second Roman Empire were of Buddhism (Mostly Vajrayana Buddhism and Theravada Buddhism), Islam, Protestant (Lutherianism, Anabaptist, Baptist, Methodist, Evangelical) groups migrated and unconverted into Western and Middle Eastern control areas. 

Religion Demographic

Neo-Romanism 66.2%

  • Jupiterism, Minervanism and Marsism 62.2%
    • Earth Followers of Italia 1%
    • Faunties 0.2<
  • Saturnaninism 3.5%
  • Cult of Jesus 0.1%

Christianity 25.3%

  • Roman Catholicism 15%
  • Roman Orthodoxy 10%
  • Protestant 0.3%<

Unaffiliated or Non-Religions 5%

Buddhism 2%

Islam 2%

  • Sunni 0.5%
  • Shia 1%
  • Druze 0.2%

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