The Second Roman Anarchy was a period of civil war in the Holy Roman Empire between 1720 to 1722 that led to the fall of Empire and the and the Republic of Venice which would also led to the founding of Naples and German Empires. It was mainly fought in Germany and was named second due to being very similar to the original fall of the Roman Empire


Side 1: Holy Roman Empire,Spanish Empire

Side 2: Republic of Venice

Side 3:German Revolution, English Imperium, Kingdom of France, Kingdom of Poland


Holy Roman Empire:Emperor Charles VI, Lord-General Marcus Hansbury, General Tulio Hansbury,

Republic of Venice: Doge Goivanni II of Cornaro, Alvise II, Alivse III

German Revolution: Charles VII, Commander Shylon XI of Poland, English Imperium: Empress Katherine of Dublin, General Armer II of Kingsley, General Arthur II. Kingdom of France:Louis XV of Fran


Following the election of Emperor Charles VI and the election of Archbishops of Switzerland, The Papal States had grown much less in the Holy Roman Empire, Poe Clement XI had already sold four-fifths of the territory to the Queen of Naples Maria Antonia, However, Emperor Charles VI did not agree with Papal Trading with the Naples as well as trading via the Papal Army and Navy. the Emperor became so paranoid that he schedule a two meetings in with the Spanish King-Emperor Phillip V May of 1719 involving Naples annexation. Maria noticed this, and became outraged with the Holy Roman Empire "extorting fellow Italian-based nations". In return to this, she dispatched a convoy ship to Balearic island, the location where the third meeting between Spain and Romans unexpectedly. Outraged, Charles believed this to be a military action and sent 12 warships to occupy the coast of Naples, only to have 15 warships attack these vessels, the war was soon to begin.

German Rebellion

European Involvement

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