Second Republic of Texas
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Austin
Largest city Houston
Language English and Spanish
Independence March 3 1873
Currency Texan dollar

Texas was originally part of Mexico until The Mexican-Yankee War.It then became a Yankee state until the 1860s when they merged with the CSA.In 1868 Texas rejoined The Yankees.Most Texans didn't care one way or the other and just went with their leaders.Texans were fairly unhappy with both governments and thus were created into an independent nation in 1873.

History of The Second Republic of Texas

Texas claimed that parts of Confederate Sequoyah Territory conquered by Yankees in The First Confederate-Yankee War was part of the Republic.Texas built up an army and when The Confederacy admitted Sequoyah as a state in 1879 including the disputed areas Texas declares war on the CSA.The Confederates refused to give Texas the disputed area,Texas refused to give the Confederacy the disputed area so a war was inevitable.Texas was given the whole of Sequoyah by the CSA to end the of war so as to prepare for an invasion of the USA.

Texan Civil War

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