Second Republic of Denmark-Sweden
Timeline: Vikings in the New World
Preceded by 1816-1831 Succeeded by
Rikardist Denmark Sweden 2 Flag of Denmark Sweden
Flag of Denmark-Sweden (VINW) Denmark Sweden COA 2
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The Second Republic of Denmark-Sweden (SRDS) was founded as a republic based on the New English and Vinlandic governments. Attempting to recover from Rikardism, the SRDS had a hard time getting out of the ground.

The people who were assigned to make a constitution were extremely rushed, and made the whole thing in four weeks. The makers attempted to mold it to resemble the Scottish one, but also made it unique. Most drugs were legal there, and punishments were lessened (to balance the hard punishments of the previous government).

In 1820, rebel groups in places like and Sapmi and Norland grew, and many wanted a reform to the constitution. The government managed to deal with the revolts, but by 1830 it was too late. The SRDS was beyond repair, and the rebels took hold of the Senate in the next election.

They decided to completely redo the Constitution from scratch, and created the republic that we know today.