Second Pacific War (A World of Difference)
Date 8 February 1903 - 5 September 1909
Location Pacific Ocean, Pacific Rim, East Asia, Oceania, Pacific Islands
Result Coalition Victory
Asian Powers

China Flag 1 Empire of China
A World of Difference Flag of Japan Empire of Japan
Flag of Korea 1882 Kingdom of Korea
Flag of Indochina (A World of Difference) Kingdom of Indochina
Flag of Thailand Siamese Union
Flag of the Lankan Consulate AWOD Lankan Consulate
Flag of the Henri Federal Republic (A World of Difference) Van Diemenia

Western Coalition

Flag of France (A World of Difference) France
Flag of Russia Russia
US flag with 43 stars by Hellerick United States
Flag of the Incan Empire AWOD Incan Empire
Flag of Patagonia (A World of Difference) Patagonia
Flag of Novorossiya (A World of Difference) Novorossiya
Flag of Australasia (A World of Difference) Australasia


Flag of Mexique AWOD Mexique
Flag of Empire of Brazil (1870-1889) Brasilea
Flag of Gran Colombia (A World of Difference) Colombia
Flag of Argentina Argentina

Commanders and leaders
Emperor X, Emperor Y, Consul Z, King A, King B, President C Napoleon III of France, Nicholas III of Russia, Theodore Roosevelt

, Emperor D of the Incan Empire, King E, King F

Emperor G, Emperor H, President I, King J

The Second Pacific War was a war that was the result of the First Pacific War. The defeated nations of sought retribution and a victory to even the score. However, the Western Coalition was quickly closing in on the Asian Powers by mid-1905 and it was not until the addition of the Allies that the Asians began to make comebacks. The Allies consisted of enemies that the Coalition had made in the Americas.

The Coalition took control over Indochina, Siam, and Lanka in 1907 and ended up forcing surrenders from China, Japan, and Korea, while taking land reparation from Van Diemenia and the Allies. The end of the war in 1909 proved to the world that the Asians were falling, but it also invigorated each of the defeated nations to take different courses in world affairs. Japan and Korea decided to ally themselves with the West, particularly Russia and America, while China allied itself with Germany.