The Second North American War was a conflict which broke out when the Confederate States of America, dissatisfied with its share of the spoils of the First North American War, attacked its former allies, Mexico and the Caribbean Federation, on 16 June 1913. Mexican and Caribbean armies repelled the Confederate offensive and counter-attacked, penetrating into the CSA. Having previously engaged in territorial disputes with California, the new war caused a Californian intervention against the United States. Spain also took advantage of the situation to regain some lost territories from the previous war. When Californian troops approached the capital Richmond, the Confederacy asked for an armistice, resulting in the Treaty of Washington (signed in the neutral United States), in which the Confederacy had to give up much of its First North American War gains to Mexico, the Caribbean Federation, California and Spain.

The war caused a permanent break up of the Anglo-Confederate alliance, and thus left Mexico as the only ally of British Canada in North America. For this reason, Mexico had Britain's full support. This allowed Mexico to ignite the July Crisis of 1914, and after that, to keep the uncompromising position against the United States that led (through the existing European chains of alliances) to World War I.



June 16th, 1913 - July 18th, 1913


North America, primarily in northern Mexico and the Bahamas.


The defeat of the Confederacy and the Treaty of Washington.


  • Confederate States of America


  • Mexico
  • California
  • the Caribbean Federation
  • El Salvador
  • Spain


  • Woodrow Wilson


  • Venustiano Carranza
  • Hiram Johnson
  • Tancrede Auguste
  • Manuel Enrique Araujo
  • Praxades Mateo Sagasta



Confederacy- 500,221


Mexico- 348,000

California- 330,000

Caribbean Federation- 148,000

El Salvador- 12,802

Spain- 225,000

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