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Second Morocco Crusade
Principia Moderni III
Date 1439
Location Morocco, African Coast, Straits of Gibraltar
Result Decisive Christian Victory
  • Partition of Moroccan territory
  • Establishment of European supremacy in Morocco
Estandarte del Reino de Castilla.svg Castile

Flag of Austria Austria
Flag of Most Serene Republic of Venice Venice

Supported by:
Flag of Bohemia Bohemia
Flag of Moravia Moravia
Flagge Preußen - Provinz Brandenburg Brandenburg
Civil Ensign of Luxembourg Luxembourg

Flag of Morocco 1258 1659 Morocco

The Second Morocco Crusade refers to the military invasion of Morocco by Castile, Venice, and Austria. Following the Castilian War for Gibraltar (also called the First Morocco Crusade), this war was a much more decisive victory on the part of the Europeans. 

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