The year is 2005 and Mexican-American relations are stressed, due to five years of border disputes, and clashes.

President Henry Morgan of the United States and President Jose Ramirez of Mexico meet at the World Leaders Conference in Capetown, South Africa. The conference, lasting from April 19 to 26, causes many new changes. Most importantly the Treaty of Cooperation is signed by both nations. The treaty clearly defines the border, has provisions for increased trade, border security, and govermental cooperation. The treaty also establishes a direct Washington-Mexico City Hotline.

The hotline is modeled after the Washingon-Moscow Hotline used during the Cold War. The hotline basiclly consists of a red telephone in the White House directly connected to a red telephone in Los Pintos. This connection would be especially vital in the upcoming years.

Pre-War Tensions

The years after the Treaty of Cooperation would be very tumultous for the two nations relations with each other. The first incident that came up would irrepairabely damage relations. The San Clemente Crisis was a very dangerous period for both nations. In fact, it almost caused war between them. The crisis showed that the Washigton-Mexico City Hotline was very useful in preventing conflict between the two nations. It also showed that President Ramirez had little control over his own country.

The year 2006 would be very tumultous for both nations.The first major incident was the Bank Robber Incident .

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