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Second Mexican-American War (Reign of Roosevelt)

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Mexican Civil War


World War II

Second Mexican-American War
Clockwise From Top Left: American ships approaching Veracruz, Mexicans preparing to shoot artillery in the Battle of Monterrey, retreating Mexican soldiers, American tanks in the Battle of San Lucas





Mexican-American Border, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Texas, Southern Mexico, Baja California


American Victory

Major battles:

Battle of Baja, Battle of Veracruz, Battle of Chihuahua, Battle of Monterrey, Battle of the Rio Grande, Battle of Tucson, Battle of Albequerque, Battle of San Lucas, Battle of Havana, the Gulf Battles, Battle of Mexico City


US flag with 48 stars by Hellerick United States of America

Flag of Mexico


US flag with 48 stars by Hellerick Calvin Coolidge
US flag with 48 stars by Hellerick John J. Pershing

Flag of Mexico Adolfo de la Huerta




Casualties and Losses



The Second Mexican American War was a military conflict between the United States and the Empire of Mexico. It resulted in American victory and the addition of seven states to America. It boosted Cool Cal's popularity.


The Second Mexican-American War was feared by many when Adolfo de la Huerta came to power in Mexico after the Mexican Civil War. Huerta used the First Mex-American War as a casus belli, saying that the Mexican should control Alta California and Tejas.

He declared war in June.

The War

President Coolidge held back ten days before declaring war. He wanted peace, but a large portion of the Mexican Army was reported as crossing the Rio Grande and sailing the Gulf.

Coolidge asked Congress for war almost immediately after hearing the report.

The United States first attacked Baja California, which fell rapidly when US soldiers said that Mexico City had fallen. This lie helped the Army effectively hold the area. Then the US Navy flowed into Guaymas and shelled the city.

After capturing Guaymas they moved East, while forces from Texas defeated the Mexicans at a major battle later termed as the Battle for the River.

Moving East, the two divisions outside the capital and stormed Mexico City.

By July 17, the city was out of supply, and surrendered to their besiegers.

Caribbean-Cuban War

Cuba was a major site during the War. The Mexicans took it during the Civil War and the US only captured it after the War ended. Victorious Americans marched through the streets of Havana.

As a precaution, Cuba was admitted as a state.


The War resulted in seven states being added to the Union, being directly admitted from the Second Mexican Cession. Many people celebrated the President and the returning Army.

However, this celebrating would end soon, because War was about to boil over in Europe.

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