Second Latin American War
LocationSouth America

490,000 men,
120 tanks,
227 aircraft


410,000 men,
102 tanks,
200 aircraft
Military casualties:
22,671 killed,

7,262 wounded
412 missing

Military casualties:23,166 killed,

1,341 wounded,
450 missing


After the Bogota Accords, many speculated that both sides would want round 2. They were right, but did not predict the communists coming in to play. In 1976, the Communist Sandinista party won the elections in Nicaragua, and began funding FARC in Colombia alongside Hugo Chavez. This led to a trilateral cold war in the region between Colombia/USA/Brazil, Venezuela/Bolivia/Nicaragua and the rest of the non-US North America, and Chile/Argentina/Uruguay/Paraguay.

During this time, the Reagan administration would fund the "Contras", partisans who sought to overthrow the Sandinistas. This would cause controversy since this violated a US arms embargo on the contras.

The McCain administration would also apply this tactic of subversion until the war broke out.

Opening moves

After the leader of the Southern Horn union, ordered 5 Mirage Jets to bomb the Mardi Gras festival in 1995, war broke out. But this was a three-way conflict, with the US/Colombia and Brazilian "latino entente" facing the "bolivarian alliance" of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolovia as well as the southern Horn Union of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.

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