Second Latin American War
Date1993 - 1994
LocationSouth America
ResultPyrric Brazilian victory

790,000 men,
226 tanks,
500 aircraft


680,000 men,
453 tanks,
602 aircraft
Military casualties:
112,101 killed,

47,262 wounded
112 missing

Military casualties:113,126 killed,

1,383 wounded,
421 missing

Origins of the war

Opposing Forces


The Argentine army, battered but not beaten in the First Latin American War, was quickly rebuilt with German assistance.


Bolivia's army was relatively small, and little prepared to fight the powerful Argentine army. Most equipment was woefully obsolete, like the SK 105 Kurassier (ironically, made in Germany for the Bolivian government) and small numbers of the WWII American Greyhound Armoured Car.
Sk105 kurassier l5

A Bolivian SK 105 Kurassier on maneuvers.


The Conflict

1. The Opening Moves

Responses to the attack

2. Brazil enters the war

3. Atomic fire

With Brazilian forces approaching Buenos Aires, and Rosario fallen, it was time for drastic measures. Argentina had a nuclear program going since the First Latin American war, and had had German aid on the Project. Several atomic reactors were situated all over Argentina, but the real prize was the atomic weapons program, which had only recently borne fruit. Now, with Argentina's armies beaten and bleeding, it was time to use the bomb. a Ju 387 jet bomber took off from a military airfield near Buenos Aires and flew towards Rio de Janeiro. On August 14th, 1994, at 13;07, the 35Kt Atom bomb detonated 600 metres above ground level.

End of the War

On ATO's requests after Rio was hit with a nuclear device, Germany decided that enough was enough, and decided to get the other members of the Greater Anti-Comintern Pact to impose sanctions on Argentina until it ended the War. They were also very harsh to Argentina in the Asuncion conference, partially as a result of Argentina "going alone" without Germany's blessing, the use of Nuclear Weapons, and nearly starting World War 3.

See also First Latin American War 1974 - 1976.

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