Template:WarInfobox (BGA)The Second Korean War is a nuclear war/conventional war in the Korean peninsula between the United States, South Korea, Japan against the DPRK. The war was short but costed well over thee million military lives and six million civilian lives. It was considered to be the deadliest war in history for a short war, costing more lives in just four months. In total, eight million people perished from the war.


As early as 2006, North Korea began testing nuclear weapons development claiming that the United States was threatening it, therefore it needed to "defend itself from American aggression". Sanctions were enforced on North Korea as a result. However, this didn't stop the DPRK, as further nuclear tests in 2009, 2013 and 2016 respectively caused international outrage.

Kim Jong Il died in 2011, and his youngest son Kim Jong Un took the throne. He began a purge on much of the North Korean leadership and accelerated the nuclear program. This caused much anger and frustration on South Korea and America. China became rather worrisome as the unstable regime had nuclear weapons in possession. 

After the September 9th commemoration in 2016, this outraged South Korea and Japan along with China, and America and even the UN. Japan's Shinzo Abe traveled to Cuba and met up with the Castros in attempted to get in closer contact with North Korea. Despite Cuban pleas along with UN's permission to disarm nuclear weapons, this would prove a disaster.

The Strike

On November 2016, North Korea fired its nuclear missile on Seoul killing 300,000 people. South Korea, Japan, and America all declared war, despite the fact the North Korean army overran the barracks in the DMZ killing most American and South Korean border guards. North Korean aircraft and soldiers used guerrilla tactics to overwhelm the enemy. 

However, this wouldn't be proven better. Kim knew his outdated army wouldn't win a long conventional war. He launch a second nuclear missile hitting Japan killing 120,000 people in the process. Japan and America responded by launching air strikes on North Korean positions during November 25th, 2016.

On December 2016, American, South Korean and Japanese troops pushed the North Koreans out of South Korea and began invading the North Korean mainlands. The North Koreans however set up various mines, booby traps, and used guerrilla tactics due to their outdated and antiqued weaponry. American aircraft launched airstrikes on North Korean missile launches, destroying various artillery pieces and tanks.

On December 8th, 2016, South Korean and American aircraft began bombing Pyongyang, destroying much of the city into rubble. South Korean Special Forces began infiltrating Kim's palace only to find him deserting the home. On December 10th, 2016, American and South Korean forces occupied Pyongyang.

As Pyongyang was lost to the allied powers, North Korea began launching suicide attacks, via "nuclear backpacks" which was a success, killing various South Korean and American squadrons.

On December 20th, the entire southern half of North Korea was liberated. Small North Korean islands were seized, and the North Korean navy was crippled. However several North Korean submarines still remained intact, and began firing missiles at Japan.

On December 22nd, North Korea struck Kyoto, Japan, and on the 25th struck a joint Korean-American base in South Korea.

On December 29th, several North Korean concentration camps were liberated by American and South Korean forces. Japan liberated several camps who had Japanese were were kidnapped.


By early January 2017, North Korea's air force was largely destroy, its navy crippled, and army deprived from food and supplies. Kim Jong Un ordered "every citizen to fight the ferocious imperialist powers". Nearly 1978 North Korean tanks were destroy, being half of the entire fleet. Runways were also bombed despite the fact North Korea's air force was almost worthless by this point. 

On January 10th; 2017, North Korea's few remaining airmen launched "suicide" attacks with antiqued MiG-29s. They dropped bombs on a UN convoy, killing the humanitarian aid. They also dropped several bombs on South Korean convoy on the 11th. However, the South Korean army fired a missile destroying the MiGs. The North Koreans were left with the old Antonovs which proved to be successful on stealth missions.

North Korean Special Operations unit was tasked to defend Kim Jong Un, and fight off South Korean and American advances. They launched a successful guerrilla attack on the 16th of January killing 60 Americans and 175 South Koreans.  The Special Ops were successful in some land gains, however, just like the regular army, supplies were running low. 

On January 20th, American destroyed the last North Korean arsenal. producing plant. The North Koreans were now evidently going to lose.

The most successful operation was the infiltration of the North Korean nuclear facility. The American and South Korean special ops killed off the scientists and soldiers guarding the facility. Eventually, they installed bombs and set them off, destroying the nuclear facility. This ended North Korea's chances of regain its nuclear stockpile. The mission war carried out on February 1st, 2017.

Central North Korea was liberated. However, the North Koreans retreated to the mountains. While they did perform guerrilla warfare throughout the course of the war, this was considered a full one. North Korean tanks were now destroyed as nearly all tanks were destroyed by airstrikes. The Battle of Paektu Mountain was a notable last ditch attempt by the North Korean Army and Kim loyalists to hold back the "American Imperialists". The battle began on February 10th as North Korean soldiers raised their "nuclear backpacks" detonating them killing many American and South Korean soldiers in the process. However, the depleted manpower of North Korea would be proven ill fated for the North Koreans. After 15 days of fighting, North Koren soldiers surrenders to the Americans on February 25th.

On February 26th, only the Northeastern corner of North Korea was held by the Kim regime. Kim was rumored to have escaped to Russia. The last remnants of North Korea's army fought. The Battle of North Hamyong Province began on February 27th. The largest battle yet, it involved nearly all of the remaining KPA and NK Special Ops against America, South Korea and Japan. However, China announced it will join the war against the North on her own terms. PLA began attacking and flanking position near the Chinese-Korean border. Korean border guards escaped to the mountains were they surrender on March 2nd.

The nearly destroyed North Korean Air Force has a few Antonov An-2s which were modified. They allowed makeshift rocket attacks on allied positions with no success only killing a dozen soldiers. 50 of the last tanks were destroyed on March 4th. The North Hamyong Province was overrun; and the North Korean Army surrendered on March 6th, 2017.

Guerrilla War, Chinese occupation and the hunt for Kim Jong-Un

The PLA began occupying various parts of the now destroyed Pyongyang, claiming that North Korea will now act as a "buffer zone" between the US and China. The South Koreans now Koreans refused to accept this. The North Korean refugee problem was evident that China had a huge problem to deal with now. Various North Korean, now Korean families were homeless, and the situation was hopeless. The UN came and gave humanitarian aid to the victims. Various photographs were taken on North Korean concentration camps to explain the atrocities on what Kim did to his citizens. Therefore, a global hunt was on for Kim Jong Un. Eventually Kim was located, at 12:00 midnight March 12th, 2017. Elite American fighters began firing at Kim's bodyguards. A shootout occurred between Kim's forces and American troops. Kim was detained and captured. All weapons and drugs he could possibly possess were removed. Kim was taken to the UN's Human Rights court. On March 21st, 2017, the UN plead Kim "guilty" for usage of nuclear weapons, human rights violations, and other atrocities on North Korean civilians. He was sentenced to death, and were have executed on March 25th, 2017.

Soon after, the PLA defeated the remaining North Korean guerrilla forces on March 27th. Many who still fought found out about Kim's death. Soon after this unified guerrilla group split to many factions, each fighting each other for power. China and South Korea however got into disputes. China wanted the Korean peninsula to remain divided, while South Korea wanted a unified Korea. China, however, main a proposal to the South Koreans and Americans: as long as the Americans withdraw their weapons to the South Koran peninsulas and soldiers, China will withdraw their soldiers and weapons from Korea. America and South Korea agreed. On April 2nd, 2017, the April Treaty was signed by American, Korean, Chinese and Japanese delegates. South Korea ceased to exist and was now unified into the Republic of Korea, with a new flag. Korea began a restructure of rebuilding relations. America provided loans and assistance to Korea. Various North Korean statues of Kim were demolished. Various former KPA officers were tried for war crimes they've committed during the war. Various factions which used to be the KPA were defeated by the Korean Army. A large "rehabilitation program" began as the Korean government will begin helping the Koreans were who "brainwashed" under the Kim regime. In the end, Korea recovered, and now museums exist will various facts on the war.


The Korean peninsula would finally be unified as one, the first time since 1945. It is also remembered as a war of killings due to the massive amounts of deaths and the usage of nuclear weapons. After the Second Korean War, all the major powers of the world began slowly disarming their nuclear stockpiles as a result. The world also mourned for those who lost their lives due to the nuclear strikes. Even old enemies and rivals Russia and America realized the extreme risk of nuclear weapons. 

As a result, the Korean peninsula is now united under one flag.

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