Bosnian Muslim Flag

New flag of the Islamic revolution

On Inauguration Day of Iran's second election, a military faction known as "Opfor" seizes control of Tehran and kills the candidates and assumes power over Iran. Leading to a brief civil war, the new government, a political-military-Islamic force, establishes its new firm power over the affairs of the Middle East.


Iranian politics started to become weary as the Iraq war ended in 2010, a revolutionary faction called "Opfor" which was largely a Sunni-Muslim party whose leader was "Khalid Al-Asad", a veteran who fought for the Islamic State of Iraq in the war. He returned with many other Iranian Sunni's looking to overthrow the government and establish a strong Islamic State, free from Shia rule. He decided to launch a coup after gathering his men and sources and successfully seized control over Iran and swiftly crushed rebellions in the country. With him firmly seated in power now looked into expanding his borders.

War with Israel

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