The Second Han Dynasty
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: China
New Chinese Imperial Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Sinica after the Great Asian War
The Second Han Dynasty after the Great Asian War
(and largest city)
Wuhan 武漢
Other cities Beijing 北京, Nanjing 南京, Tianjin 天津, Xi'an 西安, Chengdu 成都
Language Sinican (Chinese)
Confucianism, Legalism
  others Small followings of Buddhism and Thenmobism in Southern part of country.
Demonym Hanese
Government Monarchy
  legislature Emperor
First Emperor of the Second Han Dynasty Emperor Keqiang 克强
  Royal House: House of Jia 贾
Established 800 (48 AD)

The Foundation of the Second Han Dynasty

After the Second Great Sinican War, which left the United Kingdom as the largest and most powerful nation on the continent, the King Keqiang began to build up connections and prestige among his neighbors. He incorporated the Kingdom of Bei through their cooperation and actually conquered the Kingdom of Nan outright. The Japanese ceased the conflict with Sinica nad the Srivijaya moved back to their borders in Southeast Asia. The Song-Tang Commonwealth went along for the ride that Keqiang was enjoying and was, ostensibly, cooperating with the King in the building of his new Empire. He even allowed Keqiang to be called Emperor. The Song-Tang King ended up killing Keqiang, an act that threatened to fracture the Continent again. In the end the brother of Keqiang, named Guangmei, was able to rally most of the Dukes of the Council of Sinica, a partially powerful legislative body alongside the Emperor, to declare him the new Emperor. He defeated the Song-Tang and continued to rule until his death in the year 843 (90 AD). Though his succession was not indispute nad the Han Dynasty was poised to move orward into the future.

The Emperors of the Second Han Dynasty

Emperor Keqiang 克強 800-812 (48-60 AD)

Emperor Guangmei 光美 813-843 (61-90 AD)

Emperor Ruihuan 瑞环 843-867 (90-114 AD)

Emperor Guanglie 光烈, 867-873 (114-120 AD)

Emperor Yuanhong 元洪 873-897 (120-144 AD)

Emperor Fanglan 芳蘭 897-929 (144-176 AD)

Emperor Zhaoxing 肇星 929-958 (176-205 AD)

Emperor Dingchen 鼎丞 958-979 (205-226 AD)

Emperor Yandi 炎帝 979-992 (226-239 AD)

Emperor Bian 辯 992-1006 (239-253 AD)

Emperor Geng 更 1006-1020 (253-267 AD)

Emperor Pangeng 盤庚 1020-1043 (267-290 AD)

Emperor Qinglong 青龍 1043-1058 (290-305 AD)

Emperor Liushan 劉禪 1058-1072 (305-319 AD)

Emperor Jianxing 建興 1072-1086 (319-333 AD)

Emperor Jianxi 建璽 1086-1099 (333-346 AD)

Emperor Dewen 德文 1099-1113 (346-360 AD)

Emperor Xiping 熹平 1113-1127 (360-374 AD)

Emperor Yongshou 永壽 1127-1143 (374-390 AD)

Emperor Jiankang 建康 1143-1152 (390-399 AD)

Emperor Xianxi 咸熙 1152-1168 (399-415 AD)

Emperor Guanlu 甘露 1168-1179 (415-426 AD)

Emperor Wucheng Hou 烏程侯 1179-1195 (426- 442 AD)

Emperor Yilong 義隆 1195-1209 (442-456 AD)

Emperor Baoheng 寶衡 1209-1223 (456-470 AD)

Emperor Ningkang 寧康 1223-1247 (470 494 AD)

Emperor Anzhou 安周 1247-1266 (494-513 AD)

Empress Helian 赫連 1266-1289 (513-536 AD)

Empress Xizozhaoren 鈕祜祿 1289-1318 (538-565 AD)

Empress Liang Lanbi 梁蘭璧 1318-1335 (565-582 AD)

Empress Shunhua 蕣華 1335-1354 (582-601 AD)

Empress Wenxian 文獻 1354-1379 (601-626 AD)


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