• Hitler becomes German Führer.


  • Spanish Revolution begins.


  • Hitler rebuilds its army and attempts to take Allied Rhineland. The Court of Justice eventually bans it, and suspends Hitler from politics. A tribunal is held, and Hitler is removed from office, replaced by Heinrich Himmler.


  • Italy and Japan both find a loophole to the International Act on War 1922, which stated that war on land is illegal. Italy declares a war on terror on Ethiopia, while Japan does the same to Manchuria. Both of the nations win those battles, and sign treaties taking over the nations.
  • Germany hosts the 1939 Munich Conference with the Allied Big Four. The 1939 Treaty of Munich allowed Germany to break the 1918 Treaty of Versailles as long as they did not declare war on any SCAP member-states.
  • Spanish Revolution ends. Francisco Franco becomes Spanish Leader.



  • Germany declares a war on money against Poland, a non-member of SCAP. SCAP does nothing. Within days, Germany controls the Polish Treasury, and Poland surrenders to Germany. Germany controls Poland.
  • International Prime Minister Heinrich Von Matternicht, a devout fascist, vetoes laws to amend the International Act on War 1922.
  • United Kingdom and France declares a war on terror against Germany. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain resigns and commits suicide. Churchill replaces him.


  • Germany takes control of British Egypt.
  • Japan declares a war on terror against Burma, China, Australia, and New Zealand. They quickly take control of Burma; Australia and New Zealand show they will fall; China fights hard.


  • On February 7th, Japan declared war, and invaded, the Kingdom of Hawaii. Within days, they controlled the nation.
  • Confederate States declares wars on terror throughout all nations to their south. Immediately, they take control of Mexico.
  • The Confederate States, Italy, Germany, and Japan meet in Rome, Italy, to create the Central Axis Group (CAG), to rival SCAP.


  • Germany takes over Denmark. Sweden and Norway unify to create Nordland. Union of Nations
  • Operation Shotoku: Japan sends troops and supplies to German territories, and from there, attack Stalingrad, Soviet Union. The Soviets, unprepared for this, surrender immediately.


  • Spain joins CAG, and begins attacking Africa. Italy sends troops throughout the Sahara.


  • Australia and New Zealand surrender to Japan. Confederates take Central America.
  • Germany bombs Paris, France and London, United Kingdom. France surrenders to Germany. United Kingdom does not.


  • The Confederates take control of all of the South America. They declare war on United States.
  • United States, Canada, and the Caribbean nations unify to create the Democracy of America. American President Henry Wallace becomes the 1st American Chairman. All remaining nations not controlled by CAG join SCAP.


  • The International Congress consists of: America, United Kingdom, Germany, and Confederate States, as the permanent members, and 6 other elected members.
  • Italian King Victor Emmanuel III Savoy dies of stroke. Benito Mussolini changes Italy's name to Rome (officially, Fascist Roman Empire). Mussolini becomes Roman Emperor.
  • Rome takes control of San Marino, Malta, northern Africa, and northern Egypt.
  • Hitler is elected International President.



  • International President Adolf Hitler begins a bill to make the Union of Nations an Empire. It is successful, and Adolf Hitler becomes International Emperor Adolf I. He disbands SCAP and begins conquering the rest of the world.


  • Germany becomes the most powerful of the CAG member-states. Emperor Adolf disbands the International Parliament. He controls the world.


  • Emperor Hitler hears of an assassination plot from the jealous Italians and Japanese. He orders that the entire world become "a part of Germany."
  • Emperor Adolf begins implementing the Master Plan.


  • A numerous amount of people ban to form a Resistance. On April 20th, Hitler's birthday, they assassinate him. The Second Great War ends. The Union of Nations returns to normal, all conquered territories are restored.
  • America takes control of the Confederate States. Mexico joins America.
  • Indochina becomes independant. African nations form their independence.
  • United Kingdom controls Germany, France controls Italy, Soviet Union controls Japan
  • Union of Nations ban war forever.

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