In the aftermath of the First German Revolution (1918) began the inevitable march to the second. The First Revolution overthrew the Kaiser and his government, though this would hopefully bring a new age to Germany it only lead to an unstable republic and even more unstable leaders. In 1921 a young man named Adolf Hitler joined the German Workers Party and transformed it, eventually becoming its leader by 1923 (Which he had now renamed the National Socialist Workers party, or "NAZI" for short). Hitler rode off the back of the unstable Weimar Republic in hopes to achieve a National Socialist Germany.

Start of the Second Revolution

The Second German Revolution began with the Munich or "Beer Hall" putsch (uprising). On November 8th, 1923, Hitler marched into an beer hall in Munich with several of his personal soldiers. He holds the people in the hall to ransom. Out of fear, the Governor of Bavaria, Gustav Ritter von Kahr, agrees to help the Nazis, the Chief of Police (after some pressure) does the same.

Hitler and his soldiers marched into the streets of Munich. Von Seisser, the Chief of Police, orders his men to Support the socialists. Facing off with the army, along the SS and SA, the Nazis soon overwhelm all resistance, they storm all government buildings in the city and by the morning the Nazis have complete control of Munich.

March on Berlin

With Munich fallen the Nazis march on Berlin, the Socialists have full support from many sectors of society in Germany, and so the march is almost easy, the army put up a fight around the suburbs of the city but the Nazis conquer all resistance and with the help of German Citizens, they take the city centre and the Reichatag, President Frederic Ebert flees, the Nazis are victorious.

Civil War

Hitler orders the German Army (whom have mostly complied with the Fascist rebels) to chase after Ebert and his traitorous government. They track him down to Hamburg where a viscous guerrilla fight begins, the now deposed Weimar Government declare the Republic of Northern Germany, the German Civil war has now began.

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