Welcome to the Portal page for the Second English Civil War (Modern Pre WW2) ATL

This timeline looks at the effects on the world, if once more England was fought over by rival factions (though in more modern times).


The Second World War was the most destructive war in human history, causing the deaths of around 60 million people. In this alternate timeline the war was prolonged, due to the Nazi's control in England and Wales. This meant the Nazis could concentrate on the Soviet Union, until in October 1941 President Roosevelt of the United States declared war on Nazi Germany and began sending troops to the Europe. By November 17th the first American troops had set foot in the Gaelic Union (who had held an uneasy peace with Nazi Germany). Two days later the Gaelic Union declared war on Nazi Germany, Gaelic, American and Commonwealth troops poured down into Northern England. Communist partisans led by the National Liberation Front, rose in the South and East of England, further pinching German lines. By December 1941, the allies had made good progress recapturing cities in the North such as Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and Carlisle. Then on December 7th 1941, Imperial Japan attacked Pearl Harbor provoking an American declaration of war on Japan. This slowed progress in England, as America had to split its resources between two fronts, and by March 1942 the Germans had retaken Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Meanwhile in the East the Soviets were being pushed back by a wave of Axis forces who had recently taken Kharkov after a long and bloody siege. Back on the Western front no gains were made resulting a stalemate that would last until November 1942, when the allies finally made a breakthrough and captured the city of Sunderland. In the Pacific Japan had quickly taken any land of the former British or French empires, though Australia and New Zealand fought on now as independent nations. By January 1943 there had been a turning point in the East, as Axis forces had been defeated at the city of Stalingrad. Spurred on by success in the East the allies on the Western front, made territorial gains as far as Blackpool and York. In the Pacific the Japanese had taken Eastern Australia after taking New Guinea.

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