During World War II, the three Axis (Germany, Italy, Japan) fought the three Allies (United States, United Kingdom, Soviet Union). Like most wars, there was no third party. There was no three-way war

But what if another alliance rose during the War? Welcome to Second Enemy.



March: World War II is raging across the world. The Allies are desperately fighting the Axis in Europe and Asia. All seems lost for the Allies.

April: Mexico, Romania, and Finland proclaim the Iron Alliance. They declare war against the Axis and Allies, and the United States.

May: The US decides to stay neutral, even under the Iron threat.

June: Mexico pushes into Central America. Romania invades Hungary and the Byelorussian SSR.

July: Denver, Colorado is bombed by the Irons on July Fourth. FDR stays neutral.

August: The Germans begin Operation Sea Lion, and begin an invasion of Britain. Iron Romania attempts to invade Northern Scotland.

September: The British push everyone out of their mainland.

October: Germany captures Ireland.

November: The Republicans win the Spanish Civil War. Spain remains neutral.

December 7: A Japanese air force bombs Pearl Harbor by accident when orders are misread. The flyers were supposed to hit Vancouver Island. The US joins the Allies.

December 8: The radio operator who told the planes to hit Pearl Harbor is executed.


January: The first US troops go to Europe. War explodes on the US-Mexican border.

February: The Allies decide to crush the Iron's first. Mexico has conquered all of Central and South America, with the exceptions of Argentina, Chile, and Brazil. Romania conquers all of Europe that is not under Axis/Allied control. Finland invades the Ukrainian SSR.

March: The United States begins to push into Mexico. By the end of the month, the seven northernmost Mexican states are captured by the US. Romania and Finland continue to push into Ukraine.

April: The USSR begins an invasion of Finland. Chile falls to Mexico.

May: The British make a landing in Finland. but are repelled. Adolf Hitler is assassinated in Berlin. Heinrich Himmler becomes Führer of Germany.

June: The Allies and Irons take this chance to invade Germany. Both are repelled.

July: Iran joins the Irons. They attempt an invasion of Palestine.

August: Mexico starts pushing into British Guiana.

October: The Japanese push farther into China. Tibet joins the Allies.

November: Iraq joins the Iron.

December: The United States is almost near developing a nuclear bomb.


January: Heinrich Himmler dies of tuberculosis. Reinhard Heydrich becomes Führer of Germany.

February: The United States defeats Mexico. The rest of its empire, however, fights on.

March: Finland is pushed out of Ukraine.

April: Finland is defeated by the USSR. The Finland SSR is incorporated into the USSR.

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