The Second Deccan War
Principia Moderni III
Depiction of Battle of Bhopal
Date 1850 - 1852
Location Central India
Result Bengali Victory
  • End of the Deccan Sultanate
BengalSultanate Bengal Sultanate
4O6YT Deccan Sultanate
Commanders and leaders
BengalSultanate Timur Ashraf Shah

BengalSultanate Imranuddin Ashraf Shah BengalSultanate Shahrukh Ashraf Shah †

4O6YT Sultan Ibrahim Adil Shah (POW)

4O6YT Jehanzeb Adil Shah †
4O6YT Jehangir Adil Shah †

200,000 90,000
Casualties and losses
24,000 38,000

The Second Deccan War was a military conflict fought from 1850 - 1852 between the forces of the Bengal Sultanate against the forces of the Deccan Sultanate. 

Directly after the First Deccan War, tensions between Bengal and Deccan increased. The latter felt enraged at what they considered to be unprovoked aggression by Bengal, and skirmishes on the border between the two Sultanates increased. On 16th February 1850, Bengal finally declared war upon and attacked Deccan, with 200,000 soldiers directly participating in the conflict from Bengal. The war itself saw major battles between the two states, with Deccan defeating Bengal on numerous occasions despite being on a numerical and technological disadvantage. By 1851, Bengal had failed to capture the Bahamani capital despite an eight month siege, and it was generally believed that Bengal would be forced to pull out. It was certainly going to be so, had not the Deccan Sultanate been decisively defeated at the Battle of Rakhsevana. This defeated allowed Bengal to cut off supplies to the Deccan capital, and within three weeks of the battle, Bhopal fell. Regardless of that, the royal family fled to Adilpur from where they continued to lead the conflict however by then, Deccan had largely been subdued and the desertions in the military increased. 

On 3rd March 1852, the war was finally won when Bengal captured Adilpur and subsequently executed members of the royalty. The incumbent Sultan, Ibrahim Adil Shah was forced to relinquish his title and exiled to Burma. His daughter was married to Prince Imran Ashraf Shah, the younger son of the Bengali Sultan. The war granted Bengal to establish presence in the Arabian and Bengal Sea, and allowed it to control a major trade route in India by conquering Deccan. 

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