Second Congo War
Democratic Republic of the Congo location map
Date August 1998 — July 2002
Location Mainly Zaire
Result DR Congo government victory
Preservation of the DR Congo's territory, withdrawal of pro-Rwandan and Ugandan militias
Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo DR Congo

Supported by:
Flag of Angola Angola
Flag of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
Flag of Namibia Namibia
Flag of Chad Chad
Flag of Sudan Sudan

Flag of Rwanda Rwanda

Flag of Uganda Uganda
Flag of Burundi Burundi
Various militias

Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Laurent Kabila

Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Joseph Kabila

Flag of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe

Flag of Rwanda Paul Kagame
40,000—60,000 45,000+
Casualties and losses
12,000 killed or missing 15,000 killed or missing

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