You are now in the Second Confederacy timeline. This new alternate timeline deals with the breakup of the United States, and the formation of several independent republics. Note, this is just a newly created timeline and things may change according to the author's decisions.

Countries involved

  • Confederate States of America (consisting of the states of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina)
  • United States of America
  • Republic of Texas
  • Republic of Florida


  • 2012 - Southern States secede from the United States after Obama wins his second term as President, however the secession is not recognized by either the United States or the United Nations, Richmond, Virginia is declared the new capital
  • 2013 - United Nations, United States and NATO begin the invasion of the south, "Operation Dixie", Texas declares independence from both the USA and CSA, but takes sides with the Confederacy, many conservative and right wing-dominated businesses begin to prepare establishing and protecting assets in the south, Department of Justice threatens to to shut them down
  • 2014 - Russia begins allyship with the Confederacy and the Republic of Texas, arms the Confederate Army and builds a naval deal to supply the Confederate Navy with ships, the Confederacy sets up the Southern Department of Justice as a retaliation of the US Department of Justice and promises to protect American businesses with southern franchises
  • 2015 - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump shows his support for Southern independence and liberation, promises to grant the south legal and internationally-recognized independence once he ascends to presidency, after South Carolina governor Nimrata Haley is deposed of and replaced with Freddie Donald, South Carolina joins the Confederacy. NATO and the United Nations call for an invasion of the Confederacy.

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