The Second Cold War is a sustained state of political and military tension between powers in the Western Bloc (the United States with NATO and others) and powers in the Asian Bloc (China and its allies from 

US soldier at Japan(taken 2011)

A US soldier in Japan's shoreline,looking at the direction of China

the Hanoi agreement). Historians have not fully agreed on the date it has begun as some claim that an unofficial cold war was already happening years before 2009, but 2009 is common. It is "cold" because there is no large-scale fighting directly between the two sides, although major regional wars like in the First cold war are very likely to happen. The Second Cold War split the temporary wartime alliance against The USSR, leaving the US as the sole superpower and a United China as a having the potential to be a Superpower.

The two States never engaged directly until present time in full-scale armed combat but they each armed heavily in preparation of an all-out nuclear World War IV like the First Cold War. Each side has a nuclear deterrent that deterred an attack by the other side, on the basis that such an attack would lead to total the destruction of the attacker - the doctrine of mutually assured destruction or MAD. Aside from the development of the two sides' nuclear arsenals, and deployment of conventional military forces, the struggle for dominance will likely be expressed via proxy wars around the globe, as well as the ongoing psychological warfare, propaganda and espionage, and technological competitions such as the renewed Space Race.


Even during World War III differences were discovered in the Chinese and the American view of the post-war world. Only the hated for their mutual enemy made both sides to agree on various subjects and not fight each other. The reunification of the Chinese republic caused a massive unemployment and hate to the west as the US vetoed a UN decision to send Funds to aid China in 1999 as it wanted those funds to go to Europe and North America. But because of the economic reforms of 2003 that not only put the Chinese economy back on tracks but made China to became the world's fastest growing major economy by 2007 and being the world's largest exporter for the Years 2004-2009. The CIA agent that was discovered in Beijing by Chinese forces in 2009 holding a biochemical matter bomb and Killed on site similar to a terrorist. Both sides claimed that the bomb the Agent discovered was made by the other side as American-Sino relations turned soured. This event causes the Second Cold War to Officially start(it should be noted that several historians claims that the Second Cold War started years before). The US 12 hours later does not allow its citizens to visit China, and The Republic of China follows in not letting Chinese citizens to visit the US 5 hours after the US. Since then, both countries hate each other and try to Destroy the other country's alliances while improving the current of the country alliances. China has finish building its own Moon base in 2013 after the US does not allow Chinese citizens to live in the American base. The US, in order to improve its prestige over the Chinese has built a very large complex of bases in mars in 2018(although officially the name is Base M-1 it is more of a small city). By the Start of the 30's of the 21 century both sides have a small cities across the Solar System and laying down planes of colonizing the Alpha Centauri system.

Chinese FM Spokeswomn

Chinese spokeswoman telling the World that China has killed the CIA agent

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