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Second Chinese Civil War (World Domination)

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Second Chinese Civil War (World Domination)
Part of World War 3

Second Chinese Civil War (World Domination)

date: 19 August 2016 - 27 September 2017 (1 year, 1 month and 8 days)
location: Mainland China and Mongolia
result: APCA/Taiwanese Victory

• Atlantic Pacifc Cooperation Alliance

- United States
- Republic of China
- Mongolian Liberation Army (Nov 2016- 2017)
- Australia
- United Kingdom
- South Korea
- Japan
- Others

• United Socialist Republics

- Russia
- People's Republic of China
- Mongolian Democratic Republic (Aug - Nov 2016)
- Socialist Republic of Vietnam
- North Korea
- Others

- Hillary Clinton (USA) - David Petraeus (USA) - Angus Campbell (AUS) - James McCloyd (UK) - Feng Shih-kuan (ROC) - Toshiya Okabe (JAP) - Jang Jun Kyu (ROK)

- Vladimir Putin (RUS) - Chang Wanquan (PRC) - Kim Jong-Un (DPRK)

Casualties and losses

1,000,000 Approximately

3,500,000 Chinese, 1,500,000 Russian

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