Second Chinese Civil War
Night of the Living Alternate History
Date 17 January 2001 - 29 November 2002

9 March 2003 - Present

Location Korean Peninsula, Manchuria, China, Taiwan
2001 - 2002

Flag of South KoreaKorea
Flag of Wu NotLAHWu
Flag of the Republic of ChinaRepublic of China 2002-2002.75

  • Taiwan
  • Southern China
2001 - 2002

Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaPeople's Republic of China Flag of the Republic of China Republic of China 2001-2001.75 Bao's Faction


Flag of South KoreaKorea
Chinese Confederacy


Flag of the Republic of ChinaRepublic of China



January 1, 1999-World War III ends

January 12, 1999-GUITO is formed January 17, 1999-Wu offers to be a vassal of Korea January 18, 1999-Korea declines.

March 9, 1999-Military officers begin to doubt Wu government

March 17, 1999-Wu offers to be a vassal of Korea March 18, 1999-Korea accepts Wu's vassalization offer.

June 12, 1999-Wu's economy starts to have a notable decline

November 29, 1999-Wu's economy goes on the verge of economic collapse

November 30, 1999-Korea bails out Wu. January 1, 2000-Wu's economy is retained

. March 17, 2000-Wu's economy collapses completely.

March 18, 2000-Korea aids Wu and occupies Beijing with 1 million soldiers.

March 19, 2000-GUITO aids in the Korean occupation of Wu.

June 17, 2000-The PRC splinters off from Wu politically

June 18, 2000-Korea continues its occupation of Wu and thinks of what to do.

September 17, 2000- PRC and Wu tensions rise. Military action is bound to happen.

September 18, 2000-Korea proposes peace between the PRC, Wu, and Korea. September 19, 2000-Korea starts the Conference of Beijing. No one attends.

January 1st 2001- A military general named Bao becomes a military dictator in Northern China. The PRC gains support for the poor in Western China and the ROC gains support from warlords in the Southern China. The remainder in Central China choose to stay loyal to Wu. Each faction builds up its military

January 17th 2001-The first shots are fired either on the Wu-PRC-Bao Faction border or the Wu-PRC-ROC border. The Second Chinese Civil War officially begins.

January 18, 2001-Korea declares support for Wu and declares war on the Bao Faction.

January 19, 2001-The Battle of Beijing begins between Korea and the Bao Faction.

March 19, 2001-The Battle of Beijing ends. Korea captures the city and Bao flees to the Bao Faction-Korean border. Pro-Bao Resistance remains just outside of Beijing.

April 19, 2001-Bao and Korean forces confront on the Manchurian Border. Korean and Bao forces also confront in the outskirts of Beijing.

June 19, 2001-Korean forces decisively defeat the Bao Faction in both Manchuria and Beijing. The Bao Faction falls and Bao himself retreats to an unknown location,

July 19, 2001-Korea invades the ROC's capital city, Taipei

August 17,2001-The ROC invades Korea's capital city, Seoul.

September 19, 2001-Korea lands in Taipei and advances to the middle of the city.

October 17, 2001-Korea crushes the invading ROC forces in Seoul.

January 1, 2002-Iberia and the CC declares its support for Korea and sends massive aid

January 17, 2002-Aid reaches the Korean soldiers. The war has lasted for 1 year.

January 19, 2002-Korea captures the city of Taipei. The Treaty of Taipei is made.

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