Βασιλεια Βουλγαριων
българско царство

Bulgarian Empire
Timeline: Fidem Pacis
Preceded by 1604 - 1961 Succeeded by

First Bulgarian Empire

Republic of Bulgaria
No flag No coa
Flag of the Bulgarian Empire Coat of Arms of the Bulgarian Empire
Bulgaria secunda
Location of the Bulgarian Empire
Capital: Sofia
  other languages: Bulgarian
Religion: Islam
The Second Bulgarian Empire (Bulgarian: българско царство, Greek: Βασιλεια Βουλγαριων) was a powerful state in the Balkans during the early modern period. It began with the re-establishment of Bulgarian independence in the Danubian Wars of 1603 - 1685 and ended when the monarchy was abolished by referendum in 1961, creating the modern-day Republic of Bulgaria. At its height it controlled much of present-day Serbia and Albania as well, and was a key belligerent in all three World Wars as it struggled with its Roman neighbour for dominion over the Balkans.

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