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Anna of Brittany

The Second Breton War of Succession was waged between Brittany and Burgundy. The Breton faction was aided by Aquitanian and Austrian troops, as well as financial support from Hibernia. The Burgundians had English allies from Normandy, commanded by Prince Henry.

Background and Early Conflict

The conflict began the year after the marriage of Maximilian I of Austria and Anna of Brittany, duchess and heiress of the realm. John III of Burgundy wished to marry her himself and assimilate Brittany into the Burgundian Duchy. He sent troops across the border seeking to take Nantes, defeating Geoffrey of Angers' joint Aquitanian-Breton army along the way, capturing their commander. The Bretons regrouped to the northwest to join Austrian troops led by Maximilian, whilst the Aquitanian troops pulled back across the border to defend their possessions.

English Retreat

An English navy rounded Brittany, sinking most of the Breton fleet and attempting to besiege Nantes. English troops from Normandy, under command of their prince, crossed into Brittany but were defeated 5 times consecutively, leading to the surrender of Prince Henry and the pulling out of English troops from the war.

Peace of Nantes

A Burgundian force was defeated in Aquitaine but succeeded in killing Francis, leading to the crowning of Francis II and renewed war efforts under the regency of Francis I's widow - Marie of Angouleme.

As combined forces moved further into Burgundy, they captured Clermont-Ferrand without spilling blood and successfully took Lyons. John III fled to Dijon and sued for peace. The Peace of Nantes was signed between Aquitaine, Austria, Brittany and Burgundy, securing the return of Burgundian lands and removal of hostile forces in exchange for the freedom of Geoffrey of Angers and Breton and Aquitanian independence.

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