The Second Battle of Bellingham was a military engagement between Alaska and the United States during the Alaskan-American War, fought between September 5 and 14th, 1885 in what is today western Whatcom County, Washington. Coming on the heels of the hard-fought victories in the mountains south of the city and along Lake Whatcom at the end of August, Second Bellingham was another violent fight begun with the American two-pronged assault against Sehome Hill. With the successful capture of the hill on the 8th and the weathering of five counterattacks over three days, the Americans were able to fight Alaskan forces inside the town of Bellingham itself and forced a retreat of Alaskan soldiers past the village of Nooksack on the 14th, ending the Alaskan occupation of Bellingham. By the beginning of October, no Alaskan presence would remain in modern-day Washington state, making Bellingham the final full engagement on Washingtonian soil.

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