The Second American Revolution was an armed insurrection of American workers, that begun with a strike in Chicago on 31 March 1927 and saw capture of most towns and cities in the north by socialists and trade unions, led by Socialist Party of America. In 1927 and 1928, as result of army's inability to contain the strikes, more factions emerged, biggest of them were Californian Army (later renamed to Pacific Army) and nationalist Free American Army. In September 1928, United Kingdom invaded USA. The war ended on March 1930, with British acquistion of territories and order in USA was returned soon after by a moderate socialist leader Richard Woods.


As result of the relative peacefulness of early 20th century, American policy grew much more isolationist and USA rapidly liberalised its economy, with subsequent presidents generally cracking down on welfare, rather than expanding it. While this spurred growth, it also rapidly increased unequality and disillusioned many people with their government. Social tensions in USA were significantly worsened by Wall Street Crash of 1925 and the Great Crisis that followed. The liberal state apparatus failed to counter the growing unemployment and falling wages and situation grew worse. In 1927 unemployment reached 29%.

The worsening condition of economy, believed to be caused by lavish lifestyles of wealthy capitalists led to many strikes, biggest of which was 1927 Chicago general strike. After three weeks of near complete grounding of economy to a halt, USA sent first police, then the army to pacify the strikers. After the soldiers refused to fire on the crowd and join the protesters, Socialist Party of America in agreement with the trade unions, assumed control of the strike, formed its military wing, American Liberation Army and seized power in Chicago on 31 March 1927.

Socialist seizure of power

After taking over Chicago, socialists rapidly took other cities in the region of Great Lakes, taking Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Buffalo. In May, the army marched on Cleveland but were cut off and most were killed, forced to surrender or join ranks with the SPA. American Liberation Army counterrattacked in the direction of New York and Washington, but was unable to capture either of the cities. They were however able to take over New England and threatened to flank the defenders of New York. American Army was foced to retreat, evacuating most of New York bankers and capitalists. ALA attempted and failed again to take Washington.

American forces, now significatly demoralized made an attempt to defeat the source of support of SPA and attacked Chicago. They beaten back revolutionary forces and entered the cities, but the town citizens resisted the army, and after American general Walter Krueger was killed in a terrorist attack, the army retreted.

Civil war

Seeing the weakness of the American army and breakdown of the American authority, more factions emerged. Lieutenant in the American, Willie Woodard, after being dissmised for summarily executing captured socialists, traveled to his home Alabama and organised an anti-communist and anti-government nationalist partisan unit. In October 1927, 1st Division of Free American Army was created and Woodard supported by some southern states took partial control over the southern USA. On 12 January 1928, California declared independence. American government with limited authority in the south and no auhtority in the east was angulfed in a full blown civil war.

In the spring of 1928, ALA organised an offensive aimed at securing Washington and the south. The FAA was unable to exist and large portion of land was secured by the socialists. The southerners weren't welcoming of the SPA authority and launched a guerrilla warfare, that ALA attempted to crush with growing brutality, eventually implementing a rule of terror in the occupied south, killing about 10,000 people. The remnants of Free American forces were defeated by the government troops in Texas and Woodard was tried and executed.

At the same time, the Califronian Army, led by general Stephen Andrews secured Oregon and was besieging American garrison in Seattle. CA took control of Seattle in May 1928 and changed its name to Pacific Army. Hoping to avoid bloodshed in the east, citizens of Idaho voted to secede and to form the United Pacific States together with the Pacific Army-controlled territory.

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